An abundance of colourful accent pieces builds this bright and welcoming home design. Vibrant blue, sweet pink, emerald green, matt black, and gleaming gold elements meet to create a bold contrast and fun character. Different furniture styles from a range of eras form interesting eclectic layouts. Designed by bo/sko, these diverse spaces offer a myriad of decor ideas for all sorts of homes. In the living room, we’re met with a colour-dashed modern media wall and an exquisite vintage gold radiator. The small kitchen is a powerful pink design with a fabulous golden archway. In the bedroom, we find a light, tropical flavour with a tactile textural perimeter.

Photographer: Kroniki Studio  

A large, black media console dominates the colourful eclectic living room of this home. The sizable piece creates a dark feature wall in the predominantly white space. A teal sofa and a dusky pink lounge chair drop in counteracting colourful accents.

A grey barrel chair is seated in a toasty spot next to the radiator. The radiator is a spectacular vintage gold design with exquisite detailing. This gleaming gold finish sparks off smaller metallic accents in the room, inspiring golden chair legs and gold ornaments.

The vintage radiator creates a wonderful contradiction with the plainer, modern aspects of the room. Its swirling intricacies are pitted against contemporary linearity.

The modern media wall features black-coated wood backing, which is overlaid with a ceiling-hung shelving unit. The black display shelves are interspersed with colourful inserts. Cheerful pink and blue storage cubbies hide away unsightly clutter.

The living room area rug pulls together the pink, blue, and light grey tones in the room, combining them within one subtle woven pattern. The soft floor covering offers a cosy spot for the feline member of the household too.

Mature indoor plants bring in a taste of the great outdoors. Their lush leaves grow an explosion of greenery in the living room, which creates a vibrant, uplifting atmosphere.

A collection of books adds more colour to the black media wall. Other display shelves host a fashionably fluted pink planter and an industrial grey concrete plant pot.

Natural wood flooring runs throughout the apartment to achieve one cohesive flow. Out in the hallway, a stripe of black paintwork creates a brief focal point behind an en vogue racetrack-shaped mirror.

A pink archway leads out of the living room, and a fabulous gold-lined archway creates an extraordinary kitchen entryway.

The metallic gold portal feels like a gateway into another realm–but it’s just the doorway to a punchy pink kitchen design.

A small dining area is tucked against one kitchen wall. A modern dining room pendant light visually anchors it in place. Its black powder-coated finish complements the dark tabletop and a matt black kitchen faucet behind.

A decorative door introduces a black abstract design into the pink kitchen installation. The pink kitchen base units are a simple slab-fronted design, whilst the upper cabinets display a fluted texture for added interest.

The final pink base unit features cut-outs of abstract forms, which are backed with a pink perforated metal sheet. A curved theme carries from the abstract design into a set of hanging planters above the countertop.

A wall of decorative round mirrors creates further zoning around the small kitchen dining area. Their black metal frames tie in with the other dark anchors in the room.

We enter the bedroom via a curved, slatted statement wall. The feature seems to magnetically draw the eye toward a bed that’s dressed with a playful tropical print bed set.

An upholstered headboard design complements the slatted feature wall with its own sectioned aesthetic. Vintage wooden bedside units stand at each end, beneath modern black bedroom pendant lights. An amber glass vase warmly displays a delicate spray of gypsophila by the pillows.

At the foot of the bed, there is a home workspace. A wooden desk with a black metal frame is complemented by a stylish black desk chair. A black modern wall sconce lights up the task area.

In the bathroom, an eye-catching floor treatment expands the sense of space. A pair of gold bathroom vanity lights shine luxuriously above the bathroom sink. The shower area is situated across the bathroom window, creating a bright spot in which to fully wake up in the mornings.

A vintage vanity unit adds a warm wood tone to the white, black, and grey bathroom decor palette.

The bathroom walls are clad in luxe white marble with a subtle grey vein. The toilet cistern concealment wall is cut away at the corner to form an attractive display shelf. Inside the black display nook, a fluted glass vase houses a flash of natural greenery.

Fish scale wall tiles create shapely detail inside the shower area. Gold shower fixtures lustre against the glassy black wall covering.

Next door to the living room, there is a small home office with a mini lounge area. Above the small sofa, an awkward, narrow nook is attentively painted in blue as part of a pleasing lighting feature.

On the opposite side of the small home office, the blue accent finds its way onto a modern desk.

The front door is grandly defined from the rest of the white hallway under an emerald green colourway. A sculptural entryway stool stands by a casual wood-clad wall, where random coat hooks are scattered.

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