We’re celebrating grazia&co’s relaunch of the iconic Re chair designed by one of Australia’s most well-recognised and respected furniture designers, Grant Featherston.

Distinct simplicity and lightness of form are the marks of a Featherston design, resulting in a collection of pieces that have remained sought-after modernist classics in Australian homes, galleries and private collections for more than 70 years. After Grant Featherston’s passing in 1995, his wife Mary worked alongside Melbourne furniture company grazia&co to help carry on the brand’s legacy. Meeting the abiding interest in the brand, grazia&co have reissued classics that have been out of production for several decades, like the R160 Contour chair and Scape armchair – and now, the Re chair. Originally manufactured in 1957, the Featherston Re chair’s relaunch is symbolic of the brand’s timeless elegance and grazia&co’s reverence for long-standing Australian craftsmanship.

The Featherston Re chair is hand crafted to the original specifications, with a contoured ply seat and backrest upholstered using commercial FR Australian foam.

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