Located in beautiful Samsoe, Denmark, Casa Capa is a project that combines old and new forms in architecture. Designed by Pax architects, it embraces the past and present to create an intimate outdoor space where life can take its course. One of the central themes that shape the architecture of Casa Capa is the idea of combining a strong concept and attention to detail.

To achieve this, the architects cleverly offered the past and present from which the most interesting spaces originate. The design carefully integrates open areas, such as the living room and gathering area at the back of the house, to the brick walls which form the main structure of this residence.


Combining old and new concepts

The walls of the existing barn enclose the new part of the house like ruins. The walls function to protect the wind from the open fields of Samsoe and provide an intimate and comfortable outdoor space for living and recreation. This old barn offers a real quality that is maintained and highlighted alongside the construction of the new home. The old barn wall material is contrasted with the new wooden house painted black, and this combination brings out the best in each other.


Design concept

The architectural concept is a little unique, inspired by babushka dolls. Converted to architecture, the brick walls of an old barn protect the intimate outdoor space around the new log home. That is why, you will be surprised when you first enter this house. At first you will only see glimpses of the new building, and when you walk behind the walls, you discover a whole new world, where the new and the old create a special living space.




designer: PAX Architects

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