Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a glamping pod or cabin where you can enjoy nature to your heart’s content. Whether it’s in a mountain, beach, or forest area with stunning views. If building a house feels impossible, you still need a place to sleep or shelter from all weather conditions. However, what if you could blur the lines between indoor comfort and outdoor beauty? And if this place is also environmentally friendly, then you have succeeded in realizing your dream.

Introducing the camper house, actually a camper van that has been converted into a more permanent residence. This amazing project was designed by Dani Serrano, and built with teak wood held together with metal joints. This is a cabin that functions as a housing module set on the edge of a rural surfer village in Nicaragua. Amazingly, it only takes two people to build it using the most basic tools, such as a radial arm saw and a drill.


Through wooden and fabric partitions that can be slid along tracks, the front living room is able to open up to a connected landscape to the outdoors, allowing interaction with the environment. Window coverings on the other hand are simple wooden panels that are operated with ropes and pulleys. A corrugated steel roof sits atop a wooden frame, providing protection from the rain without blocking the house from fresh air and natural light.

At night, the house is lit by hanging paper lanterns so that from the outside they appear to glow like the lanterns themselves. The ultimate goal of the camper house is to explore the essentials of a magical holiday sanctuary on a budget, an experimental build that explores the romance of what is not necessary in a home. Enjoy!













Designer: Dani Serrano Architect

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