A bright and cheerful house will make anyone feel happy, that’s the concept of the House of Joy revealed above the page in a new book published by gestalten. Here you will find a lot of colorful interiors that will make you smile and feel alive. This collection explores the best and brightest in fun interior design. The collection of colors jumps from the furniture to the kaleidoscopic walls.

One way to accentuate an eye-catching aesthetic. Lines become tortuous and bold, the palette is warm and full, and not afraid of luxury. Each of the spaces in this book has a historical influence and continues to be imaginatively renewed to this day.

Squiggly lines connect the bold post-war color scheme to the vibrant work of Ettore Sottsass and Memphis Group. Additionally, the vibrancy and eclecticism of 90s décor resonates in the recent movement of injecting rainbow colors into urban style.


Find more inspiration from designers who want cheerful interiors to leave a drab and somber feel. House of Joy is the perfect solution for those who lack color and pattern, and want their space to be filled with love and life. They are now available for purchase, 45 euros!










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