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Getting in touch with your feelings while getting in touch with your furniture — now there’s an interesting idea. It’s central to BoConcept’s AW23 Kollektion, which began with asking how great design makes people feel and has resulted in pieces intended to induce deep satisfaction and bring sensory pleasure to your everyday.

BoConcept’s AW23 Kollektion feels so good

BoConcept’s AW23 Kollektion feels so good
MAIN IMAGE & TOP The low-slung Salamanca sofa has casual, cosy curves and seats with a foam core in two densities for maximum comfort. It also looks as good from the back and sides as the front, which would make anyone with an open-plan space happy. Meanwhile, the Calgary display and storage system offers ease, in seven fixed models that can be used separately or combined. ABOVE Available in coffee and dining form and multiple colours from top to bevelled pillar base, the Santiago table purposefully provides a subtle, pleasing connection to nature.

Three highlights for us from this Danish-designed range include the Salamanca sofa, the Calgary display and storage system, and the Santiago coffee table. One thing the sofa won’t evoke is tears — its textured fabric and floating, forgiving curves mean bumping into it won’t hurt a bit. Designer Henrik Pedersen sums up its effect when he says it’s “very big, very soft and very comfortable. There is no strict system to this style— play around with the cushions, find your favourite position and chill.”
Another recipe for sparking joy, this time for its potential for personal expression, the Calgary system by Morten Georgsen even includes the option of a desk and bar cabinet. This is a classic style that’ll evolve with you while warming your heart through the display of your favourite objects.
As well as being gorgeously glossy and smooth to the touch, Morten’s Santiago table has you rapt from the outset with the knowledge you’re buying once and buying well, thanks to its hard-wearing ceramic top. Its solid, grounding form stirs in us a sense of calm — what does it do for you?

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