Designing a modern bathroom is easy with the incorporation of a few key design features. If you’re looking for new ways to give your bathing space an upgrade, installing black bathroom fixtures is a wise choice.

This classic color works well with virtually any design style, making it a smart option for both new and existing bathrooms. Adding black elements to a bathroom design will help you achieve a modern and contrasting look for a unique effect.

In the list below, you can find the most inspiring contrasting ideas featuring different bathrooms with black fixtures to help you get inspired to create a truly stunning bathroom design. Read on for some ideas about how to incorporate black into your next bathroom project.

Use Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures with White Marble

A white bathroom is nice, but installing matte black fixtures helps to give this space a bold contrast. The large rainfall showerhead, linear drain, faucet handle, and wand feature a modern matte black hue that adds to the contemporary vibe.

Marble is a key part of any contemporary bathroom, yet by combining white marble bathroom tiles with matte black fixtures you allow for contrast to elevate your bathroom design. Add a practical shower niche into your shower walls for a minimal way to store your soaps to create a truly contemporary look.

A white marble bathroom with a shower niche and matte black fixtures

for sale at Eie, photographed by Dag Sandven styled by Catrine Svellingen

Only Use Black for Hardware and Faucets

An overhead skylight provides a perfect reading light for relaxing in the tub in this luxurious space. Beige stone walls and flooring give this bathroom a chic, contemporary monochromatic touch.

By installing matte black accents in the form of towel holders, faucets, and a toilet paper holder, the designer has incorporated a fun contrast with a modern twist. While the matte black accents add a few subtle tints of contrast, the white freestanding tub brightens up the material palette of this gorgeous, modern space.

A light flooded bathroom with beige tiles and black fixtures

Styled by Yngfalk interior, photographed by Mia Borgerlin for Historiska Hem

Use Black Fixtures to Bring Modern Style to a Rustic Space

This unique bathroom design features a blend of modern and rustic elements like a large stone bathtub step and raw wood trim near the ceiling.

A black handrail, showerhead, and tub faucet are subtle yet dramatic in this unusual space. And while the bathroom features dark walls, it still has plenty of natural light through the use of windows, making it a cozy and luxe bathing space.

In a bathroom with dark tile like this one, you can use a black sink, a black clawfoot tub, or black fixtures to achieve a tone-on-tone effect rather than adding contrast.

A dark grey bathroom with a big tub and black fixtures

via Erik Olsson

Make Black Accents the Focal Point

Gray concrete bathroom walls and gray stone tile flooring make this bathroom a classic monochromatic space. However, the use of black accents like a black wall mirror, towel rod, black bathroom faucets, and black framing on the glass shower door draws the eye toward each element.

Using black here gives the bathroom a stunning aesthetic and due to the solid gray on the walls and floors, it allows the black accents to become the star of the show. Instead of a white vanity, a floating shelf and sink free up floor space to make the bathroom look larger.

Note that in this bathroom design, even the plumbing underneath the sink is black to match the look of the space.

A concrete bathroom with contrasting black elements

Designed by Lotta Agaton for Vallonia

Create a Modern Black and White Bathroom

Nothing pairs quite as well as black and white together. In this bathroom, the designer used white subway tile from the floor to the ceiling and marble hexagonal tile on the floors for a stylish aesthetic.

Instead of black walls, they installed a high-end black showerhead and black shower door trim to turn this small bathroom into a chic, modern space. The grey storage cabinet and vanity soften the contrast between the matte black accents and white elements in the room.

A white tile bathroom with a black glass shower wall and black fixtures

Styled by Emma Fischer and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Alen Cordic, for sale via Nya Kvadrat

Use Black Bathroom Accessories for a Modern Feel

In this bathroom, slender white tile on the half-shower walls creates straight lines for a crisp, contemporary touch. Black grout and black bathroom accessories including the showerhead and a small shelf elevate the space.

The designer chose to add some black paint on the walls above the tile, which helps to tie it all together for a stylish yet simple aesthetic.

A half-tile bathroom with matte black fixtures

Styled by Åsa Copparstad, photographed by Frederic Boucari, for Historiska Hem

Keep it Understated

If you adore the idea of a minimalist bathroom design, this simple design option works quite well. The monochromatic color of the concrete walls and floors is soothing, while wooden slats on the ceiling bring it a slightly rustic touch.

Only a few black components have been added, but they’re just enough to give this stylish bathroom the right amount of contrast. These matte black elements add a subtle contrast without taking attention away from the stunning exposed wooden ceiling.

A modern bathroom in an Andorra guesthouse by Danish design brand Vipp with concrete walls and black fixtures

via Vipp

Incorporate Black as Much as Possible

In this bathroom, black and white square floor tiles work beautifully with the white walls accented with black grout. Not only is black added in these subtle ways but it’s also found throughout the bathroom through the white vessel sink with a black vanity cabinet, matte black faucets, and a chick black showerhead.

A frosted glass shower door adds privacy, and this bathroom includes a washer and dryer for all-in-one convenience.

A white subway tile bathroom with black hardware

photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Simple

In this bathroom, the neutral tones give the space a warm, inviting feel over bright colors that could feel overwhelming. Solid stone shower wall tile and a glass enclosure lend it an elegant ambiance while the unique built-in niche with LED light fixtures adds convenience and versatility.

Everything is finished with a stylish matte black showerhead and wand, shower door hardware, niche trim, and faucet handle for a subtle pop of contrast.

A grey marble bathroom with black fixtures and a shower niche with LED lighting and a black trim

via Sjöman Frisk

Get Bold with a Black Bathroom Sink

A black bathroom sink and matching vanity add dramatic flair to this casual family bathroom. The soft bulb behind the round wall mirror gives the design a splash of modern style and added functionality.

Black shower door hardware, a black faucet, a black showerhead, and black wall shelves in the tub and shower combo help to tie the theme of using black fixtures together in perfect harmony. The black sink blends in with the black vanity and the black faucet for a cohesive effect in the space.

A white tile bathroom with a black vanity, black sink, black faucet and black shower head

Photographed by Mia Borgelin, styled by Lind, for sale via Historiska Hem

Use Black and Gray for a Trendy Combo

Black and gray go together beautifully like in the design of this new bathroom style. The use of gray and black brings this chic space a bold, modern feel.

Black trim on the transom window, the shower door, and matte black fixtures blend beautifully with the black vanity. A black countertop with a white bathroom sink helps to lighten things up just a bit for a light, bright bathing space.

A modern grey concrete bathroom with black fixtures, a black vanity and black accents

Styled by Emma Fischer and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Mariah Sahlander for Bjurfors

Incorporate Ultra-Modern Features for a Bold Bathroom

In the bathroom below, the color black is used to create an ultra-modern space thanks to a plethora of unique features. Black trim around the mirror’s light fixtures complements the black towel rack and floating shelves mounted to the wall.

You could hang white or black linens here depending on the mood. A sleek Japanese-style soaker tub lends an elegant aesthetic to this master bathroom, and the marbled stone countertop gives it a fun pop instead of a solid, traditional black.

A beige bathroom with contrasting black accents and a niche in the wall

via Alicia Edelman

Spruce Up an Existing Vanity with Black Fixtures

This bathroom is an excellent example of how to incorporate pops of black into an existing design. The black cage-style sconce lights bring it an industrial element, while the black faucet handle and black cabinet hardware complement each other nicely, especially against the more traditional white cabinets.

Adding the light fixtures adds a new focal point while making the bathroom brighter and more functional overall. Instead of a double sink, this bathroom offers a long countertop for plenty of storage and space to prep for the day ahead.

A modern bathroom with black cage lighting and black fixtures

via Wrede

Incorporate Black to Highlight Details

Here, the color black is used to create a visual line between the shower trim and other features. The dark color of the showerhead looks elegant against the gray and white marbled tile of the shower walls and floor.

Since this bathroom includes a toilet right next to the shower, black is also used to create a convenient shelf. Lastly, the black toilet flusher ties everything together perfectly.

A grey and white marble bathroom with a black trim and matte black fixtures

via Historiska Hem

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