Are Dark Kitchen Cabinets Coming Back Into Style?

Picture this: you’re scrolling through pages of bright, airy kitchens, each one blending into the next like sugar in your morning coffee, when suddenly, something stops you in your tracks. It’s bold, it’s different, it’s… dark kitchen cabinets. That’s right, the unsung hero of kitchen design is making a comeback, and it’s time we all sat up and took notice. So, let’s grab a snack, settle in, and explore the 12 undeniable reasons why dark kitchen cabinets should be on your radar.

Image: melaniejadedesign

A Renaissance of Richness

modern minimalist dark black kitchen cabines with island with wood worktop

Kitchen design by  Alexandra Kaehler

Gone are the days when kitchens felt like sterile, clinical spaces. Dark cabinets are storming back into the design world, and they’re bringing a whole host of benefits with them. Here’s why you should be paying attention:

1. Elegance on Tap

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Light and Dwell.

Black kitchen cabinets / Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Light and Dwell.

Think of dark cabinets as the kitchen equivalent of putting on a little black dress or a sleek tuxedo. They instantly elevate your space, adding a layer of sophistication that says, “Yes, I’m here to make a statement, and yes, you can expect some gourmet meals to come out of this kitchen.”

2. The Cozy Factor


Far from making your kitchen feel like a dark alley, these cabinets add a sense of warmth and welcome, enveloping the space in a cozy ambiance that’s hard to beat. It’s like your kitchen is giving you a warm embrace, saying, “Welcome home.”

3. Mess? What Mess?


Dark kitchen cabinets by Heidi Caillier Design

Dark cabinets are the forgiving friends we all need. They hide smudges and stains with ease, allowing your kitchen to maintain its dignified appearance, no matter what culinary disasters may occur.

4. Drama Queen


Who doesn’t love a bit of drama? Dark cabinets add a dramatic flair to your kitchen, making every meal preparation feel like an event. It’s the perfect setting for those who live to entertain and impress.

5. Timeless Beauty


Like the classic movies, dark cabinets never go out of style. They stand the test of time, ensuring your kitchen always holds its value, both in style and appeal.

6. Plays Well with Others


Image: Black Interior Design

Whether you’re going for a modern minimalist look or a traditional cozy feel, dark cabinets are like the chameleons of the kitchen world. They adapt and enhance whatever style you’re going for, making them a versatile choice for any home.

7. Adding Depth

dark black farmhouse kitchen cabinets with black industrial lighiting wan wood worktop

Black farmhouse kitchen

Installing dark cabinets is like giving your kitchen a depth perception makeover. They add layers and dimensions that light cabinets just can’t match, making your kitchen look more intriguing and spacious.


8. Bold Accents’ Best Friend

Afraid of committing to a bright color scheme? Dark cabinets have got your back. They provide a stunning backdrop that makes your chosen accents pop, allowing for a dynamic and flexible kitchen design.

9. Size is Just an Illusion


Contrary to popular belief, dark cabinets can actually make your kitchen look bigger. It’s all about the lighting and contrast. So yes, you can have your dark, chic cabinets and your spacious kitchen too.

10. A Dash of Mystery


There’s something undeniably captivating about a kitchen decked out in dark cabinets. It hints at depth, mystery, and a promise of culinary adventures to come.

11. Highlight Your Lighting Choices


With dark cabinets, your lighting choices become the main characters. This is your chance to showcase those fancy light fixtures you’ve been eyeing, elevating your kitchen’s look and feel.

12. Because, Why Not?

Dark, Monochromatic Kitchen Cabinets

Dark, Monochromatic Kitchen Cabinets by Benjamin Moore

In the end, dark kitchen cabinets are just downright cool. They break the mold, defy expectations, and offer a fresh take on kitchen design. They’re for those who dare to be different and are not afraid to express it.

Busting the Size Myth

Now, let’s tackle the elephant in the room: do dark cabinets make your kitchen look smaller? The simple answer is no, not if done correctly. With the right balance of lighting, contrasting colors, and layout, dark cabinets can actually enhance the perceived size of your kitchen, offering a chic and spacious feel.

Choosing the Perfect Palette

What’s the best color to pair with your newfound love for dark cabinets? While personal preference plays a big role, consider complementary colors that add warmth and contrast. Think deep blues, lush greens, or even bold yellows to create a dynamic and inviting space. The key is balance and harmony, allowing your dark cabinets to shine while creating a welcoming kitchen atmosphere.

In Closing

Embracing dark kitchen cabinets is more than just a design decision; it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s about making a statement, daring to be different, and creating a space that’s uniquely yours. So, why not venture to the dark side? It’s not just stylish and practical, but it’s also a testament to your boldness and creativity in crafting a kitchen that’s as memorable as the meals you’ll make in it. After all, in the world of kitchen design, sometimes the best moves are the ones that go against the grain.

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