Previously I showed you the work of Ella Hustinx, founder of Elle La. in a post about how she worked together with Malian weavers and a studio in Amsterdam where refugee tailors  stitch the cushion she design: Traditional Malian textiles in modern design Defnitely worth a read and have a look at the styling I did with her cushions and the beautiful fabric itself.

A while ago while visiting Athens in Greece Ella met Chrysa, who was weaving on traditional Greek looms. She inherited these looms from her mother. Together they created a collection of 6 cushions as an ode to the cultural heritage of Greece. The cushions are woven on these beautiful looms and embroidered by hand. Available for pre order



Images Ella La

Het bericht An ode to the cultural heritage of Greece | new cushion collection by Elle La verscheen eerst op vosgesparis.