An industrial loft style apartment with black windows and a cozy living room with an eye-catching chandelier

This beautiful industrial loft has steel support beams throughout the interior, black metal pipes on the ceilings, and those wide loft windows which come out onto a winter garden that is as wide as the entire width of the apartment.

Even though the rough metal elements stand out in the space, the light oak flooring adds a soft and home-like coziness to the space that gives it the feeling of a residential home rather than an industrial building.

An industrial space with wall-to-wall black windows

Both the living room and kitchen are located in an open space that has been transformed into a cozy living area. The sofa area comes out onto a winter garden that includes a small lounge chair and a place to have dinner outside.

The living room itself has an eye-catching chandelier combined with neutral-tone soft furnishings and a blue TV sideboard, which stands out in a nice way.

A stainless steel kitchen in the middle of the space

Stainless steel kitchens are usually used in an industrial setting rather than in a residential one, yet this industrial loft-style apartment is a perfect match for this elegant yet rough kitchen.

The kitchen is built in the smallest space of the loft home and when you walk a bit further, you arrive at a lovely dining table. Even though the different functional areas are all connected to each other, I think it’s the light fixtures and the area rugs on each side of the narrow kitchen that separate the areas from each other.

A dark grey bedroom with industrial elements

The bedroom has the most beautiful dark grey wall color and has been decorated in a minimal way. The exposed metal pipes are painted black, which gives this room an industrial touch as well and I like the warm wood on the bedside table, which warms up the look of this space.

via Alexander White

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