This beautiful Swedish loft apartment has the most amazing natural light coming in through those large black metal windows, which at the same time provide the interior design with an industrial feel that has been combined with a very minimal decor for an elegant look.

The curved ceiling and white-painted exposed beams enhance the loft design and the second level for the loft bedroom makes this loft apartment practical as well.

A minimal interior design in an industrial space

The wide open space by the windows is used for a large dining table combined with Fritz Hansen Grand Prix chairs in walnut wood for a warm look and feel and a large statement art piece decorates the large wall by the window.

The walls of the industrial loft have been kept white, which makes the contrast with the black windows even stronger, and the white paint makes the space seem even more spacious.

A minimal white kitchen that blends into the industrial loft space

The white kitchen cabinets combined with the white marble countertops in the kitchen kind of blend in with the white walls of the industrial interior. The subtle black steel cabinet knobs (from Beslag design) add a subtle contrast to the kitchen and the stainless steel lighting adds a minimal version of the typical industrial loft style to the space.

A cozy living room underneath the loft

Underneath the structure with the second level and the steel staircase, you can find a small yet super cozy lounge area with a white sofa with an organic shape and two teak wood armchairs.

Utilizing the high ceilings so typical for industrial buildings to hold a second level

This is a loft designed with functionality in mind. Combined with those black metal frame windows, the ceiling height is one of the main features of this industrial loft and it has been utilized by creating a loft space for the bedroom which can be reached by climbing the black metal staircase on the ground level.

Since the ceilings are exceptionally high in this residential loft, even on the second level you can still stand straight. By using a glass railing the view towards the metal windows is not obstructed and there is even enough space in the loft to have a small home office added here.

The kitchen storage continues seamlessly into a hallway section

In an industrial apartment, all spaces flow over into the others, which can be a challenge to decorate and separate areas, yet if you make use of this in a smart way, it can actually benefit the layout and the apartment design.

In this case the kitchen modules are continued over the entire wall length, providing ample storage. The kitchen smoothly turns into hallway storage for an integrated effect.

via Sjöman Frisk

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