What is an eclectic Scandinavian interior?

Scandinavian interior design and eclecticism might not be the obvious combination your mind goes to when thinking about styles to combine. With its clean lines, light color palette, and nordic cultural influences, a Scandinavian style couldn’t be more different than the eclectic interior design. Yet opposites attract and I think it’s exactly the contrast between the two styles that work well. Take this gorgeous apartment for example, where eclectic home decor adds character and personality to the otherwise clean look of the Scandinavian interior.

An eclectic dusty pink bedroom

While the living room of this characterful Scandinavian apartment interior has a few interesting pieces, the bedroom is definitely the most eclectic room in this home with its bold color choices. With its dusty pink walls, sculptural bed headboard, vintage art pieces, and blue sideboard, it has a very characterful and cozy look that I’m sure was carefully thought out and experimented with. 

A subtle eclectic living room with a built-in bookcase

While the living room has been designed more modestly, here the vintage dining table and chairs forming the dining room combined with the large-sized artwork on the wall also look very personal and interesting. The vintage pieces really draw attention in the room and I love the addition of the Valerie objects wall lamp in this setting. The big corduroy pouf serves as a coffee table as well and the blue vintage lamp on the stool next to the curtains is a lovely addition.

via Historiska Hem

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