The dune house was designed by BNLA architects to be a relaxing country retreat. Thanks to its beautiful location and size, Ameland makes the perfect place for a vacation in the Netherlands. The designer’s goal is to maximize the potential of Wadden Island, which is very popular as a vacation home, while maximizing the experience of tranquility and connection to nature.

And what could be better than your own country house completely designed to your liking? designers are given the opportunity to make this dream come true and complete a unique vacation home in the midst of nature. If you are interested in taking a break from all activities, then this vacation residence will lead you to a pleasant experience.


A trip to Ameland rural home

To get to Ameland rural home, you need to take the first boat that departs from Holwert at a quarter past seven. While enjoying the view of the sea, you will arrive in Ameland just below the Nes three quarters of an hour later. Then you still have to drive a few more kilometers, to the east of the city of Buren, are the beautiful Het Oerd and de Hon nature reserves. And it is there, on the edge of the greenery and between the dunes, that there is room for a brand new country house that is the Ameland dune house.


Ameland dunes house design

Like any holiday home, and try to stay respectful of the municipal requirement that the holiday home must have a facade made of ebony parts of thatched roofs. In making it happen, designers have created a special design in which the thatched roof has a tight frame at the front. A track with skylights and solar panels has been designed within the roof area. The windows are carefully positioned on the facade and provide spectacular views at dusk and at night.


Holiday home surrounded by dunes

This holiday home is in the most beautiful and strategic location that has been integrated into the landscape naturally, where the view and light largely determine the layout of the house. This allows residents to enjoy the view and the warmth of the sun optimally. Its location which is surrounded by sand dunes also determines the level of the house’s height in relation to the surrounding sand dunes.


Holiday home interior design

In collaboration with interior designer Ina Matt has designed a playful layout on the inside with height differences, a large loft and stairs to a hidden children’s area. Custom furnishings have been designed in all rooms, creating a unique and vivid image. Natural materials and classic structures in the beam and truss technique have been used. The whole ensures a unique and special design of indoor and outdoor spaces. The dune house exudes serene simplicity and offers every comfort for a relaxing holiday in the midst of nature.








photography: Arjan Benning

designer: BNLA architecten

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