All-white home with a vintage eye-catcher

This beautiful light-flooded home with different shades of white and light grey on the wall and a white-washed hardwood flooring makes a very bright impression on the pictures, and I’m sure this effect is even stronger when you see it in real life. What stands out to me the most, however, is the vintage vitrine cabinet in the dining room which has been painted in a grey color. I think it transforms the space and adds so much character to this area.

From the shared living room and dining area, you can walk straight into the kitchen, which has been finished with white tiling that goes all the way up to the ceiling and contrasts nicely with the grey color of the cabinet fronts in shaker style. While the vintage glass cabinet is the most apparent element in the home, you can also find a vintage candle holder on the wall above the bar trolley, which is so pretty as well.

The small bedroom has a built-in wardrobe in shaker style in white, which doesn’t take up much space visually and still provides ample storage space because it goes all the way up to the ceiling. The same built-in wardrobe module can be found in the hallway as well, where I love the combination with the vintage chair and the big round mirror on the wall.

via Entrance Makleri

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