Too often, accessibility is an architectural afterthought, if it’s a thought at all. From high-profile cultural and commercial settings to scores of supermarkets, apartment buildings and individual homes, inclusive mobility is seldom at the forefront of design; consigned to the awkward realm of side entrances, rear elevators and back-of-house circulation. For Savaria, however, the seamless integration of accessibility and design is a raison d’être — exemplified by a growing portfolio of mobility solutions.

For residential settings, Savaria’s collection of elevators and home accessibility products offers a wide range of tailored solutions. An elegant statement piece in its own right, the flagship Vuelift elevator collection promotes a distinctly design-driven vision. No shaftway means the elevator doesn’t have to be hidden — and no need to sacrifice storage to make room for an elevator. The sleek, aesthetically refined glass elevators all feature an integrated glass or acrylic hoistway with matching cab and landing doors.

Integrated into a residential staircase, Vuelift Round is an aesthetic centrepiece.

Integrated into a residential staircase, Vuelift Round is an aesthetic centrepiece. PHOTO: Joel Klassen

Available in circular and octagonal configurations, Vuelift is a fitting centrepiece for any home. (An instantly recognizable presence, the Vuelift Octagonal is the only eight-sided home elevator currently on the market.) Combining exceptionally quiet, smooth performance with a transparent design for optimal daylighting, the elevators are well-suited for both new builds and retrofits.

Vuelift Elevator by Savaria, octagonal profile

The instantly recognizable Vuelift Octagonal is a highlight in any space.

Unprecedented floorplan flexibility allows a Vuelift to be installed in the middle of the room — or even inside a staircase. And unlike traditional elevators, where visual appeal is limited to finishes inside the cab, and the lift itself is typically hidden in a closed shaft, Vuelift transforms the mechanism itself into an aesthetic showpiece. What’s more, the smallest model, the Vuelift Mini, requires only a 50″ footprint, making it particularly well-suited for retrofitting existing homes.

Vuelift Mini Glass Elevator by Savaria

The Vuelift Mini offers mobility with an exceptionally compact footprint.

Savaria’s residential mobility portfolio is also distinguished by an industry-leading selection of traditional elevators, stairlifts and platform lifts. Offering a choice of three drive systems and one of the widest selections of factory finishes on the market, Savaria’s home elevators are designed to meet a wide range of needs – and styles.

Savaria's traditional home elevators offer extensive opportunities for customization.

Savaria’s traditional home elevators offer extensive opportunities for customization.

A leader in home mobility since 1979, Savaria has earned a reputation for expansive product knowledge and customer care. Working in close collaboration with architects and designers, the company is continuing to evolve, offering a range of ADA-compliant commercial accessibility solutions for public spaces — showcased in an interactive product guide. In addition, a range of automotive mobility solutions continue to create wheelchair-accessible vans for the Canadian marketplace. The company even offers patient lifts for both in-home use and institutional settings. From the home to the public realm — and in between – Savaria delivers inclusive and stylish mobility. It’s accessibility that elevates design.

Savaria's traditional home elevator mobility solutions offer extensive opportunities for customization.

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