This small studio home (sold via Innerstadtspecialisten) pairs a kitchen, dining table, sofa area, and sleeping space all in a relatively small room, however, the functionalities are combined in such a practical and elegant way, that the room still feels quite spacious.

The subtle light grey walls with the large white trim underneath the ceiling highlight the impressive ceiling height. The kitchen is built up to the ceiling and turns into a bookshelf over the door to optimally use all areas of the studio apartment for storing away things.

A tiny kitchen in a studio apartment with light grey kitchen cabinets, white marble countertops and a bookshelf built on top of the door

A tiny living and sleeping space on a small surface

The small living kitchen pairs a small bed and a tiny sofa in front of the window, which are connected with an off-white area rug. The large round mirror hanging on the wall above the sofa reflects the space and makes it visually appear bigger.

The beige, black and white textiles and furniture pieces match the natural color palette of the studio apartment and the off-white curtains in front of the window warm up the daylight coming in.

A small studio apartment with light grey walls

In between the kitchen and the small sofa, you can find a natural wood dining table against the wall, which can seat three people. The grey bentwood chairs complement the light grey wall color in the space.

A small dining area with grey bentwood chairs in a studio apartment

A small kitchen layout with light grey kitchen cabinets and chrome hardware

The small kitchen layout is planned smartly, making use of the ceiling height to provide the apartment with lots of storage space. The bookshelf above the doorway is such a smart use of the space available I think.

A tiny light grey kitchen with a white marble countertop and chrome hardware

The light grey kitchen cabinets pair perfectly with the light grey wall color and the white marble countertop and backsplash combined with the chrome hardware finish off the look perfectly.

A tiny light grey kitchen with a white marble countertop and chrome hardware

Hexagon tiles paired with subway tiles in the small bathroom

The small bathroom of the studio apartment pairs white subway tiles with black grout on the walls, with subtle black hexagon tiles on the floor. The chrome fittings add a modern look and feel to the bathroom design.

A bathroom with white subway tiles with black grout on the walls and black hexagon tiles on the floor

An entryway with a dark grey wall color

The small entryway of the studio apartment doesn’t get any direct natural light, so by picking out a darker grey wall color for this space, it gets a dark and moody look. One of the doors is used to hang up a mirror.

A dark grey hallway with a mirror on the door

via Innerstadtspecialisten

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