Impressive in stature, chic in detail, and exuding elegance with arches, this interior design has all elements that make for a stunning neoclassical design. However, there is a twist. This neoclassical home design is also filled with characterful rustic accents in raw timber form. These bold rustic interludes disrupt the formality of the classical backdrop, creating a stylistic meld that is welcoming, warm, and earthy. Visualised by 霸都THES, this home is a unique example of aesthetical amalgamation, where one approach does not outweigh the other. We will discover inspiration for rustic feature walls, a unique arched fireplace, unusual lighting designs, a statement green kitchen, and a remarkable entryway.

Designer: 霸都VISION   

As we enter the lofty neoclassical living room, we’re met with a juxtaposition of earthy, rustic design elements. Raw timber accent furniture pieces dot a large area rug with interesting tones and texture.

A live-edge coffee table fills the centre of the neoclassical living room with a relaxed freeform silhouette. A unique pendant light makes an eye-catching statement above it, whilst an unusual arched fireplace design draws attention up front.

A neat stack of coffee table books and a light-reflective decorative bowl smartly accessorise the rustic coffee table.

Two contrasting modern sofa designs make a visually interesting furniture arrangement. The combination of white and beige upholstery prevents the room from appearing too formal.

Three rustic wooden panels are installed behind the beige living room sofa to create a focal point. A circular section has been stained a darker hue on each panel to add a stylistic element that complements the arches in the room.

A wood burning stove heats the corner of the lounge, which combats the chill from the window.

The wood burner comes in addition to the sleek, curved fireplace design on the opposite wall of the room.

A rustic floor lamp complements the timber-clad feature wall.

A cushioned lounge chair stands opposite the beige sofa in a conversational layout.

The deep window recess serves as an ideal spot for seasonal decor.

A rustic side table stands beside the couch for drinks.

The wall stucco is applied in a raw, rustic fashion around an alcove. Inside the alcove, a series of shelves display an assortment of candlesticks and decorative vases.

The lounge chair is teamed with an extraordinary rustic floor lamp. The stem of the lamp looks like part of a tree, unchanged and beautiful in its natural form.

An archway leads off the hallway of the home into the neighbouring kitchen.

Another large archway leads to the main staircase. At this side of the living space, a pair of rustic stools round out the furniture arrangement. The small pieces allow the eye to wander unobstructed between open plan areas.

A rustic feature wall is rounded at its edge, creating a tactile finish.

Large format floor tiles flow continuously from one room to the next the achieve calm cohesivity,

The fluid layout moves smoothly into a spacious and airy dining room.

A round pedestal dining table is positioned centrally in the room, beneath a textural dining room pendant light. Intricate ceiling coving brings delicate detail to the perimeter of the room.

Modern wall art adds a splash of colour to the beige dining room decor scheme. A small wooden curio cabinet reflects the sunlight from a wall of glazed patio doors, which lead out into a pretty green landscape.

A display shelf unit fits within a wall of rich wood cladding. Arch motif ornaments and terrazzo vases make a trendy exhibition.

Open doorways on either side of the display shelves allow easy entry to the kitchen. The open concept makes this a great house for entertaining guests and extended family.

Brown leather chairs seat up to six people around the imposing table design. A unique ceramic vase filled with greenery makes an attractive dining table centrepiece.

Wood panelling in the dining room matches the wooden kitchen cabinets, which creates a united and restful visual. A sliver of green kitchen backsplash peeps around the corner to excite intrigue.

A matching green throw is strewn across a directors chair in the kitchen, making a comfortable spot to sit and peruse cook books.

The colourful artwork in the kitchen is a piece entitled Head of a Priest by Francis Newton Souza.

The kitchen island is a curved, monolithic form, set at the centre of a minimalistic layout.

Handle-free wooden cabinets maintain a streamlined kitchen aesthetic, which keeps the tiled green backsplash as the protagonist of the story.

A stainless steel knife holder and matching kitchen accessories shine brightly against the dark green kitchen tiles.

A modern faucet makes an elegant arch on top of the kitchen island.

The wide hallway of the home is illuminated with modern black track lights.

Track lights lead all the way to the entryway, where an assortment of storage furniture pieces and seating make up an eclectic group.

At one side of the foyer, an entryway bench is built into a striking round recess. Rustic stonework comes alive under the soft glow of golden perimeter lighting.

The opposite side of the foyer is packed with books and artwork, stacked upon freestanding shelves and a wooden stool.

A red anglepoise lamp adds an unexpected pop of bright colour.

A black leather lounge chair is positioned beside another colourful showpiece, this time in the form of electric blue sculpture.

A spiral staircase leads to the private quarters of the home, under a satin gold finish.

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