Pink is definitely a bold choice for kitchen cabinets. Yet, Artilleriet kitchen studio, a design studio connected to the Artilleriet store in Göteborg* has teamed up with Swedish cabinet maker Tre Sekel again for another mesmerizing project. I have written about their collaborations here and here, yet those are more minimal kitchen designs of the duo. This modern pink kitchen has the perfect pink color, that looks stylish and sophisticated, yet bold at the same time.

A. Colori : A pink kitchen with shaker-style cabinets

A. Colori is built on the same values of craftsmanship, quality, and material choices of the previous Artilleriet x Tre Sekel kitchens, yet in color this time. The design is inspired by antique painted kitchens and can blend in (when in a neutral color) or stand out (when in pink for example) in a modern or classic interior. Different colors can be combined like in the example kitchen where beige shaker cabinets are mixed with pink ones for an interesting effect.

The brass knobs on the pink and beige kitchen cabinets is almost like a piece of jewelry and handmade out of solid brass in Sweden. The heaviness of the handle is intentional and feels like you never want to let it go. It’s the finishing touch on the shaker cabinets.

Complementing beige shaker cabinets with pink kitchen accessories

The complementing beige shaker kitchen goes very well with the bold pink in the room and has been filled with beautiful pink kitchen accessories. The pink kitchen decor on the beige open shelving complements the pink kitchen cabinets beautifully and all the accessories you see are selected from the Artilleriet store*.

The castle table: a wooden kitchen island with a marble countertop

The classic wooden kitchen island with a white marble countertop is the centerpiece of the kitchen, where everyone can gather around, cook and socialize. While the island looks very classic, as if it would be a historic piece, modern appliances like induction cookers or fans can be built into it giving it all modern-day functionality.

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