A blue-painted ceiling in a bedroom decorated with soft furnishings in white and earth tones

This beautiful Swedish home, though decorated in a rather minimal way, has lots of style and character to take inspiration from. While the entire apartment has been decorated in a rather minimal color palette, the light blue ceiling in the bedroom really stands out in this space.

A minimal living room with earth tones in the accessories

The white walls combined with the white sofa, the white lounge chair, and the white fluffy area rug provide a perfect base palette for the earth tones in the throw pillows and blanket on the sofa and the lampshade on the open shelving against the wall.

The dark oak wood coffee table and the black Ay Illuminate lamp combined with the black metal shelving add a lot of contrast to the light color palette of the soft furnishings.

A white kitchen with a vintage kitchen table

While the kitchen itself is not so special, I think the square dining table really stands out among the white walls and the white kitchen cabinets. The warm wood of the vintage table is combined with the beautiful CH24 wishbone chairs in black wood and black paper chord and I love the way the black comes back in the paper shade lamp above the dining table.

A blue ceiling in the bedroom

The bedroom itself has been decorated in a similar white color palette as the base, with a few earth tones and black accents to add contrast. While the decor itself doesn’t stand out so much, the blue-painted ceiling takes away all the attention in this bedroom. I love the play between the warm soft furnishings with the cool blue paint on the ceiling.

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

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