White interiors are sometimes considered clinical or boring, yet they can have a clean and elegant look if you do them right. I recently compiled a list of the most beautiful minimal yet cozy bedrooms and those spaces are far from boring, to say the least.

What makes this beautiful black-and-white interior design work is the integration of dark wood tones in all the different rooms, which adds a certain sophistication to the color scheme. The hardwood floors in this place are also dark, so complementing them with dark wood tones in the furniture yet lighting them up with white textiles was a great choice made by the owner or interior designer of this apartment.

Black and white interior design ideas are perfect for those who are looking to create a timeless home decor that’s easily updated with a change in the accessories as the black and white tones give you endless possibilities when styling your space.

A living room with white walls and a black and white interior design, dark wood furniture, organic coffee table, off-white area rug

White wall paint and a black-and-white palette in the living room

The white walls in the living and adjacent dining area are continued on the door and window frames, crown molding, and radiator covers for an impressive contrast with the dark hardwood flooring.

The lounge area is furnished with a beautiful white fabric sofa, combined with an off-white area rug and a bouclé armchair. These solid fabrics add a soft texture to the space, that balances out the hard contrast between the wall color and the furniture.

The classic Serge Mouille light fixtures add the perfect black accents, along with the black contemporary art piece on the wall above the sofa, while the dark wood tones in the organic coffee table, the footstool and the legs of the lounge chair work nicely against the white backdrop of the different fabrics.

Black and white interiors tend to have a hard contrasting look, yet by including dark woods and off-whites in the color palette, you soften out the transition between the two extremes.

A classic color combination of dark wood and white walls in the dining room

The dining area shares a similar color palette as the living room, yet the focus is more on the natural wood tones in the furniture. The dark wood dining table and chairs are placed on a large white area rug which almost fills the entire surface of the room.

The black leather dining chair seats, the black Oluce Attollo lamp, and the magnificent artwork all add depth to the interior without being too overpowering. The bust on the pedestal and the white flowers on the sideboard finish the look off nicely, while the black modern art piece is the true focal point of the room.

A dark wood kitchen on a slightly awkward floor plan

The kitchen has been fitted in quite a small room compared to the rest of the apartment, yet the layout was adjusted to fit the space. The dark wood cabinet doors combined with the beige marble countertop match the hardwood floors in the apartment and the minimal appearance of the kitchen design is exactly what this small space needs.

The kitchen layout consists of lower cupboards by the window and high cupboards that hold the fridge and oven towards the door to achieve a spacious look on the small floor plan.

A minimal black-and-white interior design in the bedroom

Other than the black and white photography as the single point of visual interest in the master bedroom, this space was kept extremely minimal, all while still following the black and white scheme so present in the rest of the apartment.

A city balcony that follows the design language of the rest of the apartment

The small balcony has black and white shades as well, which fits so well with the rest of the interior. The outdoor sofa is resting on a natural hemp rug with interesting textures and the green plants finish off this small city balcony perfectly.

via Sjöman Frisk

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