We explore the legacy of German brand Bosch and unearth the brand’s enduring dedication to innovation following the launch of their latest cooking collection.

In 1886, forward-thinking Robert Bosch established his precision and electrical engineering workshop in Stuttgart, Germany. Since its inception, Bosch has been synonymous with unwavering quality, cutting-edge technology, reliability, and a strong commitment to society. The latest in German engineering has empowered Bosch to create user-friendly, high-quality products that consistently deliver outstanding results in the kitchen. For generations, Bosch home appliances have been enhancing and easing the routine of daily life, affording users more time to focus on other interests.

At est we’ve seen a strong movement towards black kitchen appliances and this design shift towards a sleek and streamlined kitchen aesthetic has gained the approval of esteemed, industry designers. The black, Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line collection seamlessly integrates premium design with user-friendly features, making it a perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen space. As part of this highly anticipated launch, we sat down with BSH Home Appliances senior brand manager Maja Pejovic to learn more about the company’s origins and their exciting new kitchen range.

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A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 2 Built-in Oven 60 x 60 cm Black

A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 6 Fully-Integrated Dishwasher 60cm

A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 6 Gas cooktop 60cm Stainless Steel

Let’s start in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1886, where Bosch was founded. What was integral to the company’s innovative vision, and how did a strong social commitment help to shape the Bosch design principles?

Maja Pejovic: Visionary Robert Bosch established his workshop for precision and electrical engineering in Stuttgart, Germany. From the beginning, Bosch has been characterised by uncompromising quality, technical perfection, absolute reliability, and social commitment. Bosch home appliances have made everyday life easier for generations, meaning consumers have more time to focus on what they enjoy.

The latest in German engineering has allowed Bosch to manufacture quality products that are easy to use and deliver exceptional results. Our ongoing quest for technical perfection, outstanding quality, and intuitive operation is reflected across all of our designs. 

Can you speak to the very first products manufactured by Bosch and how this offering has diversified to suit the needs of today’s consumers?

Maja Pejovic: From Bosch’s beginnings in automotive technology and then electrical engineering in the late 19th century, with the first Bosch refrigerator in 1933, Bosch has always held high aspirations about high-quality materials and exceptional workmanship. Robert Bosch acted on the principle that ‘honest workmanship is more important than temporary gain’, a promise best captured by his renowned quote, “I would rather lose money than trust.”

Since the 1930s, our product range has diversified and grown to accommodate the rising demands of modern life, encompassing large home appliances – including cooktops, ovens, rangehoods, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, and laundry appliances – as well as small home appliances, including built-in coffee machines and microwaves.  At Bosch, we strive to improve the quality of life at home. From decades of experience in the home appliance industry to our unwavering focus on creating sustainable, consumer-centric products, we aim to provide the finest innovations, world-class designs, and intelligent connectivity solutions. 

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How is sustainability considered at Bosch?

Maja Pejovic: We have a strong focus on sustainability at Bosch. At the heart of this is a commitment to developing efficient appliances that are designed to have a longer life, to be repairable, and, at the end of their life, can be recycled or reused. Since 2020, Bosch home appliances have been manufactured to leave no carbon footprint. The aim is to achieve 100 percent green energy at all sites by 2030 and to further reduce product energy consumption contributing to lower energy bills and less CO2 emissions at home.

At the heart of the Bosch sustainability strategy are three key dimensions: environmental protection, social responsibility, and long-term sustainability, which we believe are not only important for the planet but are also the foundation of a successful business. By acting in an economically, environmentally, and socially responsible manner, we want to improve people’s quality of life and safeguard the livelihoods of present and future generations. 

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A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 8 AccentLine Built-in oven with Steam Function 60x60cm Black

A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 8 AccentLine Built-in oven 60x60cm Black

The accent|line range by Bosch features a modern, black design and captures embodies a minimalist architectural appeal.

Bosch is celebrating the exciting launch of its latest Series | 8 and accent|line cooking collections. What standout features have been incorporated into these products to enhance the cooking experience at home?

Maja Pejovic: As the most significant launch in nearly a decade, our new premium cooking appliances promise to redefine how we approach home cooking through cutting-edge innovation and design excellence. The new ovens are at the heart of this highly anticipated range, showcasing the meticulously redesigned Series | 8 and accent|line collections. Complemented by a selection of new accent|line induction cooktops and dishwashers, it is undeniably the state-of-the-art ovens that take the spotlight, paving the way for a new era in kitchen technology.

The exciting Series | 8 and accent|line collections exemplify our visionary approach through future-forward functionality. For example, the air fry function was developed in response to the growing preference for healthier cooking and eliminates the need for a separate countertop appliance. Similarly, Steam Function Plus ensures that vegetables retain their crunch and nutritional value while achieving faster cooking time* by steaming at temperatures up to 120°C. Integrating a high-resolution TFT Touch Display and the Digital Control Ring makes cooking easier than ever, catering directly to consumers who value convenience while representing the epitome of intuitive kitchen technology.

Combining personalisation and customisation with next-level convenience, the Individual Browning feature allows users to adapt their cooking experience to their unique preferences. At the same time, the Assist Function takes the guesswork out of cooking. Simply select the dish you want to cook in the control panel from the pre-installed menu, and your oven does the rest. 

*Steam Function Plus compared to 100°C steam, BSH laboratory test.

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A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 8 AccentLine Built-in Oven with Added Steam and Microwave Function 60x60cm Black

A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 8 Flex Induction Cooktop 90cm Black

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When crafting a new collection what key design factors play a role in shaping the new collection?

Maja Pejovic: The design of our home appliances is always centred around the home user. Our collections set worldwide standards – not only with their high-quality materials and pioneering precision but also through their unmistakable design language. Even the smallest of details is considered to ensure the consumer experiences them with all the senses. Our latest ovens exemplify this by capturing the perfect blend of style and practicality, setting a new benchmark for kitchen appliances.

The entire new oven range is made in Germany, embodying the Bosch promise of outstanding workmanship and uncompromising quality. The latest collection showcases an expansive TFT Touch Display and a meticulously grooved Digital Control Ring to ensure a combination of striking visual aesthetics and user-friendly operation. The Series | 8 and accent|line range has also been recognised with a number of international design awards, including the iF Gold Design Award 2023, the Red Dot Award 2023, and the UX Design Award.

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A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 8 Built-In Oven

A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 8 Flex Induction Cooktop 80cm Black

A Culinary Journey in Engineering Excellence
Bosch Series | 8 Built-In Compact Oven with Steam Function

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How does each range work together to complement the overall design of a kitchen?

Maja Pejovic: The Bosch Series | 8 range stands out with its classic stainless steel handle, evoking a feeling of timeless sophistication. In contrast, the accent|line collection boasts a modern carbon black finish that represents the cutting edge of contemporary design and embodies a minimalist and monochromatic architectural appeal. Both collections have been crafted to seamlessly integrate into a space, offering versatility and ease in achieving a harmonious kitchen design.

Regardless of culinary preferences – from steaming, baking, roasting, or even air frying – the new Series | 8 and accent|line range is designed to meet all cooking challenges. Whether you’re a gourmet enthusiast or enjoy preparing delicious meals for your loved ones, the new Series | 8 and accent|line collection offers a remarkable blend of versatility and sophistication from full-size 60cm ovens and compact 45cm ovens, to built-in coffee machines and warming drawers; both complement one another within an interior scheme. With a vast array of features, these appliances cater to the modern kitchen’s evolving needs, empowering users to explore, create, and cook with confidence in the heart of the home.

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Bosch prides itself on innovation, versatility, and convenience. How have innovations in AI technology been considered within the functionality of the new collection of ovens?

Maja Pejovic: Thanks to Home Connect, users can enjoy connectivity that allows them to control their ovens remotely, aligning with the demand for smart appliances as we move into an increasingly digital-focused future.  The new Bosch ovens now incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) which learns from aggregated and anonymised data, ensuring precise cooking times and results.

Features like PerfectBake Plus and PerfectRoast Plus provide unparalleled cooking support. In the top of the range accent|line model, Individual Browning works alongside the integrated Oven Camera to detect when compatible dishes are browned to your liking, then automatically stops the cooking process. This is perfection made simple! If you’re not sure which oven setting to choose, you can even ask the Oven Assistant via your voice control device or the Home Connect app. 

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