Nestled on the serene banks of a gentle river, this Ukrainian chalet offers a haven where the rush of the world fades into the tranquil rhythms of nature. Crafted with a reverence for its surroundings, the chalet stands as a testament to the beauty of contrasts—mixing modern minimalism with the warmth of eclectic design. Inside, the embrace of rich textures and vibrant colors tells a story of heritage and craftsmanship, while outside, the expansive stained glass windows frame the lush landscape, inviting the dance of dawn’s early light. Here, every detail whispers calm, promising a retreat that nourishes the soul.

If you’re drawn to landscapes where architecture and nature coalesce, this home will speak to your soul.

Viewed from the exterior, the building’s stark, minimalist design is softened by expansive stained glass windows that draw the sprawling, diverse garden vista into the interior space. The surrounding landscape, which predated any plans for the structure, was already a picture of natural beauty.

The chalet stands raised on stilts, hovering gracefully above the earth. This elevation not only lends an airy lightness to the structure but also provides an improved vantage point from which to admire the garden’s splendor. Adorning the exterior, a symphony of natural elements comes to life, with cor-ten steel, rich wood, and terracotta slabs converging to create a façade that is both raw and refined.

Once inside, the external austerity and strictness dissolve into an orchestra of colors, materials, and textures that dance together in harmonious interplay.

The panoramic windows are purposefully aligned with the sunrise, ensuring that the first light of day gently ushers in a new beginning, whether for a solitary dweller or a lively gathering.

The flooring is composed of distinctive, handcrafted Italian terracotta tiles. Sun-baked to perfection, they bear the tactile marks and the authentic essence of their artisans.

Tables and chests of drawers within the chalet are crafted from vintage wood, repurposed beams hailing from ancient Ukrainian homes, each piece resonating with the country’s spirited essence and a deep-seated affection for the hearth.

A metallic divider, adorned with traditional oriental motifs, subtly separates the entrance from the dining space.

Echoing the design of Chinese lanterns, the room is illuminated by chandeliers that glow with a bright, fiery hue, instilling a vibrant energy within the space. These fixtures, crafted using the time-honored Tiffany technique, were custom-made in Ukraine.

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