In the realm of art and design, it’s rare to find a piece that manages to encapsulate so many emotions and memories. But every once in a while, a creation emerges that doesn’t just define a room, but also an era. One such masterpiece is the TOMPOUCE TABLE, a creation of Rotganzen, the Netherlands-based collective that took Instagram by storm with its iconic “Quelle Fête” series of melting disco balls.

A Melting Marvel from the Masters of Mosaic


Rotganzen isn’t new to the allure of the disco ball. Their famed “Quelle Fête” series three years ago beautifully encapsulated the ephemeral nature of parties and celebrations. And now, with the TOMPOUCE TABLE, they have seamlessly married this theme with earthy wooden elements, producing a piece that is as much a work of art as it is functional furniture.

A Blend of Old and New, Here and There

A Coffee Table With A Melted Disco Ball

The table stands as a harmonious blend of the laid-back, bohemian vibe of the Netherlands and the electric spirit of Los Angeles. The warmth and earthiness of wood juxtaposed with the shimmering brilliance of a melted disco ball is an unexpected yet captivating juxtaposition, echoing the vibrant diversity of both these places.

From the Vibrant Alleys of the Netherlands to the Bustling Streets of LA

The Tiffany Queen $16,000.00, is already sold out.

For its Exclusive Collection for Wearstler—and marking its first-ever U.S. collaboration—Rotganzen has ventured beyond the melting disco aesthetic. The collective has designed seven mosaic works, each deeply inspired by the pulsating city and music of Los Angeles. Each design are available in limited editions of 10, except for the smaller, dangling Tiny Dancer, which have 150 but it’s allready sold out.



The TOMPOUCE TABLE is more than a piece of furniture—it’s a journey from the streets of LA to the heart of the Netherlands. Rotganzen, with its innovative approach, reminds us that art and design are never bound by geography or time. They have managed to capture the soul of two worlds, creating a masterpiece that resonates with the nostalgia of yesteryears while firmly standing in the present. A table, a dance floor, a memory, a dream—this piece is all this and more. And in every reflection, you find a piece of LA, a hint of the Netherlands, and the eternal charm of the disco era.

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