Set back from the beach, just beyond the privacy of a lush thicket, stands a modern beach house on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Created by Shaun Lockyer Architects, Arakoon is a commanding oceanfront house with three levels, which bed into the coastal dunes beside Noosa National Park. The stone and concrete home design was inspired by the ravines of Paradise Caves, Devil’s Kitchen and Lions Rock that lie to the north of the site. Rigid, narrow spaces are combined with openly sprawling spaces to create juxtaposition and heighten architectural experiences. Tactile, robust materials fit the context. Granite, weathered timber, and concrete spread from the exterior to the interior walls and floors, blurring boundaries.

Located in the traditional lands of the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara nations, the Arakoon residence perches high above the dunes to achieve the best views of the Sunshine Coast. Its brutalist-like concrete exterior pushes long linear lines into the clear blue skies of Queensland, Australia. Dense shrubs and trees soften the aesthetic, merging it sympathetically into the landscape.

The clean-cut modern home exterior makes sleek contrast with the rolling topography of the site. At the back of the house, the architecture has a commanding presence where it boldly surveys the coastline.

Healthy green lawns blanket the terraces of the home, held in by wide white concrete borders and rustic stone pathways. Glass balustrades march clearly along the perimeter, leaving the sparkling ocean view unobstructed.

At the front of the house, the linear concrete architecture is far less imposing. Here, it appears as a single story structure with a large parking garage. Plants spill down from a shallow overhang to soften the brutalist aesthetic.

The continuation of raw concrete, natural stone, and timber elements into the home interior blurs the distinction between what is inside and outside. Rock pathways flow directly from the terrace into the hallway of the home in a single sweeping line.

Concrete pergolas filter sunlight around the terraces and fenestration of the house, providing shady outdoor areas and cooler interior rooms. Black window and door frames starkly interrupt the light bare concrete and stonework walls to achieve a contemporary presentation.

Clean architectural lines and a simple material palette conjure a calm and meditative aesthetic befitting of the blissful location. High walls surround the property to ensure complete privacy for its residents and their neighbours,

On the rustic stone-floored terrace, an outdoor dining table is situated underneath the overhang of the second story. An outdoor fireplace is set into a stone wall at the edge of the al fresco eating area, encouraging outdoor socialising well into the night.

A stone-clad courtyard is home to a grill. Here, the owners of the house can cook up food with smoky barbecue flavours. The outdoor cooking area is accessed directly from the open plan living room. Inside the living space, there is a fully equipped and generously sized kitchen setup with a long dining island.

A grey sectional sofa hugs the lounge area in a conversational arrangement. A couple of modern coffee tables nest in front of the sofa, ready to hold drinks and snacks.

A rectangle dining table pushes up against an edge to edge window, where banquette seating is built in against the frame. A trio of dining room pendant lights hang a sculptural arrangement along the length of the wooden table.

Just outside of the living room, a compact pool design rushes up against the window glass.

The stone courtyard provides an airy through-breeze for the living room. It is also a connective space that links different areas of the home. A beautiful tree makes a striking courtyard centrepiece.

The small courtyard connects the main open plan living space with a much smaller TV room. The snug TV room is darkened down to allow better screen viewing.

A corridor courtyard runs off the side of the pool design. Pretty stepping stones dot the surface of the water.

The courtyard areas help to anchor the home into its natural location.

The house unfolds as a series of spatial and volumetric architectural moments that keeps the eye wandering and the mind enthralled.

Glass balustrades and exterior windows are thoughtfully aligned to ensure an open flow of visuals from one volume to the next.

Outdoor furniture keeps a low profile on the bedroom balconies to dip below the spectacular coastal panorama.

Concrete bedrooms are clad with natural golden wood to create a warm and textural appearance that complements the sandy beach beyond the balcony. Surface mounted spotlights dot the concrete ceiling. The master bedroom is a large space with a fabulous balcony area. Modern artwork cheerfully colours the neutral toned decor scheme.

Bedroom furniture is kept simple, with a casually dressed bed and an understated bedroom chair. Bedside tables and an occasional side table provide storage and handy surface areas for personal effects. Modern wall sconces offer reading light by the pillows and a ceiling fan cools the air.

Inside the bathroom, natural stone continues to rustically characterise the walls and floor. A linear vanity unit, a unique bud vase, and a freestanding bathtub bring in modern styling.

Aside from the master bedroom, the sleeping quarters are of a small scale. This compact size is more than adequate for sleeping, and is easily cooled by the adjoining courtyard.

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