Developed by Zerni in partnership with Minnow Studio architects, Whipbird is a luxurious home, seated on an extraordinary site in rural Australia. The T-shaped property was designed to steadily reveal the magic of the location, gradually unveiling breathtaking views of the Noosa Hinterland and coast. Up on the crest of the peaceful ridgeline, the only sounds are stirred by the breeze and humming whipbirds. The simple, brutalist home design constructs a secluded sanctuary in the wide open environment, laying strong linear forms against nature’s beauty. Inside, a tactile, raw palette calms the living spaces. Bedrooms and bathrooms prioritize simplicity and tranquility. Terraces connect to the pool, tennis court, and gardens, creating a harmonious indoor-outdoor retreat.

Photographer: Timothy Kaye  

The brutalist house exterior cuts sharply into the grass-covered verge, overlooking the wild forest below. Concrete steps form tiered seating in the descent. The T-shaped house construction places the open-plan living area and an outdoor living and dining area in front of a stunning ocean panorama.

A frameless, dual-aspect window opens up the corner of a games lounge, drinking in natural daylight.

Glass doors connect the main living space to a wide pool terrace. Deep planters cut away the concrete, dissolving the structure into the natural habitat.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs furnish the sun terrace, creating a place to hang out and chat with the swimmers.

Massive windows make the most of the fabulous views on every side of the property, which is arguably in Noosa Hinterland’s most breathtaking location.

The modern exterior features a flat roofline that skims the horizon.

Outdoor wall lights illuminate a covered terrace.

A covered terrace wraps the house, building a continuous, looping walkway.

Inside the private family room, which is tucked away from the communal living space, a modern gray sofa curves around the perimeter to create a cozy atmosphere. A comfortable black lounge chair reclines by the modern fireplace.

In the larger, main living space, two warm red sofas face across the room to create a welcoming space for guests and family gatherings. A glass coffee table with an architectural metal base makes a striking yet lightweight centerpiece. See more inspiration for red couch living spaces.

The living room opens into a luxurious kitchen with a large island. A partition wall hides away the scullery. At the very back of the communal wing, there is a small powder room and a laundry room.

Modern artwork brings the living room’s red accent theme out onto the terrace to achieve a cohesive flow.

The games room is furnished with an L-shaped tufted sofa arrangement. A home bar is backed with mirror to reflect the natural light and the view.

Huge, pivoting doors crack open the side of the games room, exposing it to the glorious green surroundings and the breeze.

Even the narrow scullery has a wide-open view on both sides. Wooden kitchen cabinets construct a smooth and sophisticated aesthetic that complements the green panorama.

The master suite is spread over the top floor. The primary suite includes a large dressing room, ensuite bathroom, private living area, and a spacious home office.

The bedroom lounge is separated from the sleep space by a travertine-clad dividing wall with a dual-aspect fireplace. The bedroom and bathroom designs on the property communicate simplicity, favoring visual peace over stimuli. Emphasis is placed on the tactile experience of luxury materials and sleek geometry.

Much of the clearing is designated for the encompassing gardens.

Concrete terraces lead to the tennis court, sunbathing area and pool, car parking, and courtyard gardens.

On the ground floor of the house, there is a second master suite and three more bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

The second master bedroom suite also boasts a large walk-in wardrobe.

The stone kitchen island forms a luxe focal point in the main living space, where it paints beautiful natural texture into the neutral decor scheme. The Ocean Blue travertine was sourced by Artedomus from a single quarry in Italy.

The monolithic kitchen island complements a backdrop of wooden kitchen units. The floor-to-ceiling expanse of handless doors conceals more prep space and food storage.

The kitchen sink faces the sitting area of the living room, allowing the user to chat with the family or guests while completing their task.

Black kitchen appliances darkly punctuate the light wood cabinets.

A black dining table and modern dining chairs expand upon the black colorway.

The landscape softens the hard lines of the Brutalist aesthetic.

Borders are blurred between exterior and interior spaces, creating a relaxed vacation atmosphere.

A small courtyard design nestles into the space between the cozy family room and the triple garage. The terrace here accesses a mud room and two outdoor storage chambers, which contain the HVAC and AC.

Pale gray brickwork is underlined with black wood paneling, adding visual weight to the simple structure.

The terraces cultivate a close relationship between the homeowners and their natural surroundings.

The looping walkway brings the owners outside to navigate the property, rather than journeying only indoors.

The master bathroom has an extraordinarily textured design that resembles a high noise filter on a photographic image.

The tub and the bathroom vanity unit become camouflaged in the textural noise.

Black bathroom fixtures fit darkly into the shadowy gray setting.

A large, mirrored cabinet reflects the light and makes the bathroom feel more spacious.

Peace and tranquility fills every inch of the home.

Landscaping adds interesting layers and wonderful depth to the outlook.

Floor plan.

Upper floor plan.

Videography by Ryan Wehi.

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