a blue bedroom wall combined with a vintage desk, white and light grey bedding and a fresh green plant in the corner. A wardrobe is hidden behind the shiplap wall.

The bedroom in this turn-of-the-century home is quite large, yet has a bit of an awkward layout like it’s often the case in old buildings. The owners of this home separated the bedroom and created a separate area for the wardrobe, which has been hidden behind a shiplap wall.

A blue master bedroom with a home office

The bedroom has been painted in a deep blue color, which contrasts so nicely against the light-soaped hardwood flooring and the white trim on the ceiling and floor. Blue bedrooms are always so characterful and I think they work especially well when combined with green plants (as is the case in this bedroom as well) or with warm wood like that of the vintage desk by the window (a combination also seen in this beautiful bedroom).

The more narrow part of the layout by the window in this blue bedroom has been used for a small home office spot and I think it’s the perfect spot in this charming bedroom as it will get the most daylight.

The blue bedroom walls are combined with light grey textiles on the bed that have a cool undertone and the white nightstands and night lights really pop out from the blue walls. The big green plant in the corner adds a fresh touch to the paint color.

A shiplap wall to create hidden closet space

Behind the shiplap wall, a walk-in closet is hidden, which is quite an elegant solution in this space. The shiplap wall has been painted in the exact color of the wall so it doesn’t stand out too much. Note that the wooden panels don’t go all the way up to the ceiling for a lighter look and a view of the entire ceiling trim in the room, which is one of the beautiful historic features in this space.

Shiplap walls are great for adding texture to a space and are an easy DIY solution to cover a non-bearing wall like in this case. Have a look at this bedroom as well, where the shiplap wall covers a very small closet space.

Other blue bedroom ideas to take inspiration from

Blue is a great color for a master bedroom and it’s a paint color often seen in modern styles of interiors. Go for a darker and deeper blue wall color if you want a dramatic effect, like in this master bedroom. If you want a more subtle effect, lighter blue walls can be your cup of tea. If blue sounds a bit too daring for your bedroom, you can always go bold in the guestroom to give it a try.

Lastly, if you are planning to work with a custom wardrobe solution, it gives you the opportunity to work with the same color on the wooden panels of the wardrobe as on the walls for an elegant tone-on-tone effect, which has been achieved here in this beautiful bedroom. This is a similar effect as on the shiplap wall in this example yet the cabinets are painted rather than the wood panels of the shiplap wall.

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