It looks like every single piece of furniture has found the perfect spot in this rather small apartment. No matter how little space you have available, you can always find the perfect solution to make your home functional with a balanced look, without making it look too crowded.

In this home with beautiful herringbone flooring and a beige color palette, I love the way the kitchen has been fitted in a fairly small space, creating a rather small bedroom on the other side of the wall. Both rooms are connected to the living area, yet are visually separate in a nice way. In between the bedroom and the kitchen, a wardrobe was built in (closed storage space is so important, no matter the size of your home), which indents the wall of the bedroom, shielding it slightly from the rest of the space.

While space has clearly been optimized in the kitchen and bedroom, the living area feels very spacious and offers a spot for dining and lounging.

via Alvhem