Look at this gorgeous Scandinavian loft apartment with an open-plan living kitchen and large windows that let in so much natural light. The kitchen layout fits very nicely in the space, as the kitchen island also functions as an extension of the supporting pillar separating the kitchen and dining area from the living room. The kitchen looks custom-made by a carpenter to me and the doors are produced out of a treated rough MDF board that has a very interesting texture. The aged brass handles and the occasional glass door balance out this rougher look and make it elegant. 

The fluffy area rug in the living room separates this area visually from the rest of the loft and I love that a slight area of the brick wall has been exposed, for that typical loft feeling which contrasts so nicely with the custom-built cabinet in that corner.

While I’m not such a big fan of the design of the bedroom wallpaper, in particular, I do love that it gives an extra texture to the space. The fact that you can take a peek from the main loft area and see contrasting wallpaper in the other room makes this loft very characterful.

via Alvhem

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