In the small town of O Porirño, Pontevedra, we find this unique property dating back to early 1901, finished in great detail by the Galician architect Jenaro de la Fuente Dominguez. One inside Villa Florida, the mansion offers historical artistry. There are 2 levels of space, high ceilings measuring almost 5 metres high and historic mosaic tile flooring, stonework and carpentry. We have the living area on the main floor, with a grand dining room leading to the back garden, the sitting lounge, the living room, a large kitchen, a study/library, and the grand stairway to the first floor. On the first floor, we find the sleeping area. There are 5 bedrooms, 2 shared bathrooms, a dressing and ironing room and a large exterior terrace. On the rear side of the building, there is an extensive green area in which there was an English and a French garden in the golden days of this Villa Florida, of which there are still signs. It offers large trees, plants, and lovely exterior spaces that can be enjoyed today. Aside from needing a major overhaul of the kitchen and bathrooms, this 460m² home is incredibly beautiful. For sale via Lucas Fox for €1,850,000