light grey sofa styling

light grey sofa styling

Grey sofas are a great choice because they work with any style of decor and any colour under the sun. Whether you opt for a light grey, a charcoal grey or something in between, you can’t go wrong with a grey couch.

When it comes to big pieces of furniture like sofas, neutral colours like grey (or white or beige) are always a good idea. They are classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Having said that, grey can end up looking a little cold or flat and it can sometimes be tricky to decorate with a grey sofa. So I thought I’d share some ideas on how to style a grey sofa for a warm and cosy living room.

One of the biggest benefits of a grey sofa is that you’re not likely to tire of the colour and you can change up the look in several ways with different cushions, throws, rugs and more. If you’re thinking of getting a grey couch or looking for ways to style your existing grey sofa, these ideas will give you lots of inspiration.

how to style a grey sofa for a cosy look

dark grey sofa with beige decor

This dark grey sofa has been paired with pale beige throws and cushions. The wall is painted in a greige — beige with grey undertones. And there is plenty of white in the room as well as warm wooden accents.

The pale backdrop allows the dark grey sofa to really standout while still creating a balance in this room. Dark grey sofas work really well with pale neutrals in any shade.

dark grey living room with light grey sofa

Here a soft grey sofa has been combined with rust accents. This living room also features dark grey walls and grey curtains which accentuate both the rust tones as well as the light grey sofa.

Sometimes grey on grey can look bland but not here because they’ve used different shades of grey as well as rust to break up the look. There is also lots of white in the room as well as pops of green in the form of plants and flowers.

grey sofa in blue living room

This pale grey sofa is paired with white and beige cushions, a black coffee table and artwork (thats just visible) and some wooden tones. The surprise here is the wall colour which is a bluey-green. Despite being unexpected, it totally works and creates a beautiful living space.

The wall colour has grey undertones and there are other greys in the room — the most notable one being the large light grey rug. When sticking mostly to neutrals with a grey sofa, you really can introduce any colour in to the mix. Colours with a grey undertone like in this room will work especially well.

grey couch with beige walls

Grey is a cool colour while beige is warm so sometimes it can feel tricky to combine the two. But grey is a neutral and so is beige and they work really well together like in this living room. The charcoal grey sofa really pops agains the pale beige wall. There are other grey and beige accessories dotted around the room too.

The whole look is pulled together with black and white which are key to making rooms like this come together and look so cohesive.

blush pink living room Scandinavian

It’s no secret that grey and pink are a great match. But for those who love neutral decor the shade of pink needs to be soft and pale like in this living room.

The Grey sofa really stands out against the pink wall. There’s also lots of white and off white accents to break up the pink. And the black accents are no accident either – grey, (pale) pink and black work really well together.

neutral decor living room

This dark-ish grey sofa has a bunch of pale beige accessories and also a green cushion. Grey goes with practically any colour so you can combine it with any shade of cushion or throw. But to keep the look neutral, just a hint of colour is a good idea.

There’s plenty of texture in this living room and lots of white and wood accents which creates a cosy space with the grey sofa being the focal piece.

grey couch with yellow cushions

Here the palest of grey sofas has been paired with muted yellow tones and it works beautifully. There are lots of other pale grey decorations and some dark wooden touches but the yellow cushions really stand out against the light grey sofa to create a cosy and welcoming living space.

how to style a grey sofa

A grey sofa with similar toned walls works really well too. Here you have a mid-grey sofa with mid-grey walls broken up with lots of white. The dark rust pillow adds more interest to the space as do the black accents which create contrast.

light grey sofa styling

Here they’ve stuck to a mostly monochrome colour scheme with lots of grey, white and black. This look still creates a warm and inviting space because of the use of lots of texture. There is just a hint of brown in the mix but otherwise it’s all the textures that add depth and interest. (See the full tour of this monochrome home).

image credits: all images via alvhem, stadshem and entrance makleri

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