warm minimalist white bedroom ideas

warm minimalist white bedroom ideas

White bedrooms can be very cosy and inviting when done the right way. The right way doesn’t mean a strict set of rules to follow but some simple design elements that will make your white bedroom feel warm while still being minimalist and clutter free.

Before you start decorating your white bedroom it’s worth taking some time to choose the right white paint colour for your room as the paint colour you choose can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your room.

Scandinavian bedrooms are often painted white with lots of white decor too and yet they never look cold or clinical. The number one secret to making white bedrooms look warm is natural textures including linen, sheepskin, seagrass, wool and more. There are also other design elements too that make a white bedroom look so cosy and calm like adding wood or using contrasting neutral accent colours like black, beige, grey or brown.

These warm minimalist white bedrooms are all decorated differently showing that there are several ways to make a white bedroom work. And when done with intention, white bedrooms can be one of the most calming, soothing and serene spaces which is exactly what you want a bedroom to be.

9 warm minimalist white bedrooms to inspire you

how to break up a white bedroom

Wood is a great way to add warmth to a white room and break up all the white decor. A wooden floor and/or some wooden furniture looks great in an all white bedroom while still keeping the look minimal and calm.

Here they’ve also combined different shades of white — bedding, wall paint, light and artworks are all different. This is another way to add some depth to a white room however this is a little trickier to pull off.

minimalist white bedroom
Adding black accents to a white bedroom adds contrast and interest like in the bedroom above.  You could also opt for dark grey or dark brown accents but black and white work especially well. The contrast is dramatic while still being minimal and visually calm. Adding a small touch of pale neutrals like soft grey or beige is also a good idea as it softens a pure monochrome decor look.

white scandi bedroom ideas

Shiny metallics are used sparingly in Scandinavian homes but when they are used they really work like in this bedroom. The shiny brass lamps work so well with all the white in the bedroom and add a design feature. Brass or metallic tones that lean more gold work better than silver with a white colour scheme. The antique picture frame also adds a another metallic dimension although a much more muted one.

how to decorate white bedroom

Texture is the key to adding warmth to a white bedroom. This can simply be wood for a more minimalist feel or you can add other natural textures like wool, linen, rattan, seagrass and stone.

This bedroom uses sheer curtains in linen as well as a rug and a textured light, all which add so much depth to this white space. While all the white bedrooms featured here are different, they all have one thing in common – texture. Without texture, a white bedroom can look flat. So if you do nothing else, add some natural and neutral toned textures to make your bedroom cosy and inviting.

minimal white bedroom

White bedrooms often have black accents to create contrast but an equally striking alternative is to create contrast by adding some dark wood decor like in this bedroom. This bedroom is almost all white but still feels very inviting because of the contrast but also because of the different textures which is of course key.

warm minimalist white bedroom

There are many ways to add warmth to a white bedroom while still having a minimalist look and feel. The simple addition of some textured throws in dark beige and browns add so much to this bedroom. There are of course other small accents like the aged brass wall lamp and black artwork which all create contrast and interest. This white bedroom feels so inviting and cosy yet has a warm minimalist vibe about it.

minimalist white bedroom decor

Even the most minimalist white bedrooms can be warm and cosy like this bedroom above. The addition of the wall to wall linen curtains (aff) adds a sense of calm and creates a cocooning atmosphere.

This idea to use curtains beyond windows also hides all the storage including the wardrobe which adds to the sense of calm as there is no visual clutter. The subtle yet striking pop of rusty brown breaks up all the white without taking over.

warm minimalist white bedrooms

This is another great example of a minimalist white bedroom that is anything but boring. There’s plenty of texture as well as wooden accents and hints of black. There’s also lots of linen in this bedroom which is one of my favourite textures to use in a white bedroom and as you’ve probably noticed, every bedroom featured has some linen fabric — either as bed linen (aff) or as curtains or both.

how to add warmth to a white bedroom

Adding neutral toned bedding like duvet covers and pillows to a white bedroom is yet another way break up all the white and add warmth. Sticking to neutrals like black, beige, greys and browns works best but you can also have a mix of these colours like in the bedroom above.

Also it’s worth mentioning that pale wood works just as well in white bedrooms as dark wood. In fact any shade of wood will work in a white bedroom — pale, medium or dark.

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