Hexagon tile is popular in a variety of home project applications because of its unique shape and the playful effect it tends to add to a space. Hexagon tiles are often used for a kitchen backsplash, however, they add a subtle touch on a bathroom floor or wall as well, for a trendy yet timeless effect.

Hexagon tile is available in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. Depending on the bathroom style you want to achieve, you can go for a bold or modest tile design. You can finish the tile with your choice of grout color and create a unique look in your bathroom design.

In the list below, you can find my favorite bathrooms using hexagon tile for you to get inspired by for your next bathroom remodel or to spruce up any home project (from kitchen backsplash, shower walls, or even an accent wall in your bedroom).

Black hexagon tile in a contrasting bathroom setting

In this contrasting space, a white subway tile wall is paired with a black hexagon tile bathroom floor. The black tone of the floor tiles also comes back in the window framing, the black vanity, and the black metal and glass shower door to strengthen the contrast even better.

The black hexagon tiles are finished with white grout to make their unique shape stand out even better in the interior. The white tiles on the wall, on the other hand, are finished with black grout.

A contrasting bathroom with a black hexagon floor and white subway tiles on the walls

via Entrance Makleri

White marble hexagon tiles paired with subway tile on the walls

In this contrasting bathroom, it’s the dark grey vanity, the black fixtures, and the black metal and glass shower door that take up all the attention. The combination of the white subway tile walls and the hexagon tile flooring forms the perfect elegant backdrop for these beautiful dark accents.

I love the way the glass shower wall separates the bathroom floor plan and draws attention to the tile combination in the shower.

A bathroom with white subway tiles on the wall and white marble hexagon tiles on the floor

Styled by Emma Fischer and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Alen Cordic, for sale via Nya Kvadrat

Beige hexagon tile flooring in a farmhouse bathroom

The combination of neutral shades has a very calming effect in this modern farmhouse bathroom. Even though the color palette consists solely of whites and beiges, it’s the material combination that adds a unique effect to the style of the room.

The off-white vanity is paired with white marble counters, shiplap walls, and beige hexagon floor tiles with a dark brown trim. The hexagon tile design adds a playful effect to the bathroom interior and finishes off the look nicely.

A farmhouse bathroom with a beige hexagon tile on the floor and shiplap walls

Styled by Johanna Bradford, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

A subway and hexagon tile bathroom with brass finishes

The bold look of the black hexagon tile floor in this bathroom with an asymmetrical floor plan stands out against the white walls, white porcelain sink, and the wooden stool with a vintage look. The white subway tile on the wall has a subtle grey grout and is finished off with brass trim for a unique and elegant effect in the bathroom design.

A modern bathroom with a black hexagon tile floor and white subway tile walls

via Entrance Makleri

Small white marble hexagon tiles finish off a small guest bathroom

This small guest bathroom is finished with a dark grey vanity and black hardware, for a contrasting effect that stands out against the white bathroom walls. The natural stone floor tiles have a small hexagon pattern that adds a second shade of grey to this small but elegant space.

A small white marble hexagon tile on the floor in a small guest bathroom with a dark grey vanity

via Skandia Maklarna

Tiny hexagons in black and white for a classic look

The classic design of this bathroom features wainscoting on the walls, a freestanding tub, and an elegant green wallpaper design. The floor is finished with tiny hexagon tiles in black and white that form a beautiful pattern on the floor.

The ceramic sink rests on a vintage side table, which pairs elegantly against the dark green wallpaper, and the black and white hexagon tiles on the floor make the warm wood of the table stand out in a bold way.

Small hexagon floor tiles for a beautiful effect in a classic bathroom design with a dark green wallpaper

via Sandberg Wallpaper

Black accent floor tiles finish off a white bathroom design

The arrangement of the shower niches inside of the walls around the tub forms a great storage opportunity for soaps and other bottles. The white tub paired with the white subway tile used on the walls and inside the niche spots has a very bright effect in the trendy space, which is paired with modern chrome fixtures.

The black hexagon floor tiles add so much contrast to this trendy bathroom and I love that there is a small trim of black subway tile on the bottom of the tub to make the transition.

A bathroom with shower niches and white subway tiles paired with black hexagon tiles on the floor

Via Entrance Makleri, photography by Anders Bergstedt

Natural stone hexagon tiles in a modern bathroom design with chrome fittings

The white marble hexagon tile flooring in this beautiful bathroom with a walk-in shower adds a unique texture to the space. The medium white marble tiles are finished with grey grout and a grey vanity for a modest color palette that is finished off with a fresh green branch and a natural basket for a rustic touch.

The LED lighting underneath the ceiling and around the round mirror brings out the natural textures in the natural materials even better.

White subway tile bathroom walls paired with white marble hexagon floor tiles and a grey vanity

Styled by Emma Fisher and Annica Clarmell, photographed by Hendrik Linden, for sale at Alvhem

Subway tile with black grout pared with black hexagon tiles with white grout

The combination of the black hexagon tile with the white wall tiles with black grout creates the perfect backdrop for the white ceramic sink, the brass hardware, and the brass vintage mirror decorating the wall for a classic look and an exciting combination of colors and materials in the space.

A small bathroom with white subway tile walls with black grout and black hexagon floor tiles with white grout

via Stadshem

How to pick the right size of hexagon tile for your bathroom

Hexagon tiles come in a variety of sizes, so how do you know which one is the perfect choice for your room? Smaller tile tends to look more busy, as it adds a lot of texture to your space. While this can have an amazing effect on a small surface, this might easily become too busy when applied on a large surface.

I you are afraid a hexagon pattern might be too much for your bathroom, you can always go for a smaller surface only to add an accent to a shower floor or create a small backsplash behind your bathroom sink.

What pairs well with hexagon tile?

Since hexagon tiles have such a pronounced texture and pattern, you can balance is out with natural materials like wood or concrete to create a more modest look. When pairing it with another pattern like a subway tile wall, you can achieve a bolder expression in your bathroom.

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