While Halloween inspires no shortage of seasonal decorating, there are plenty of morbid souls who embrace the Addams family values all year long. Some people simply feel most comfortable living in the shadows of dark finishes and twisted silhouettes.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled a roomful of modern haunted house furnishings ready to keep the eerie spirit alive long past October 31. Alone, none of these Gothic designs might be spine-tingling enough to scare off the neighbours. But put them together in the right setting (ideally, an old house perched on a cliff by the sea) and don’t be surprised if delivery people start leaving your packages at the end of the road.

Welles Central Chandelier 8 by Gabriel Scott
A spider-like chandelier featuring opaque glass shades on black steel arms sticking out in many different directions. One of our designs selected for furnishing a modern haunted house.

Attaching opaque glass shades to blackened steel stems, Alessandro Munge’s eight-legged remix of Gabriel Scott’s original Welles lamp is the creepy crawler of light fixtures. Each of the spidery statement pieces is handmade in Montreal.

Gaulino tables by BD Barcelona Design
A coffee table with a frosted black tabletop resting on a sinewy black wood frame. One of our designs selected for furnishing a modern haunted house.

The Gaulino collection by Oscar Tusquets recently grew to include a new range of glass-topped tables and stools. Their spindly, skeletal frames resemble a witch’s long, bony fingers. (Cue up the Elphaba!)

Little Monsters chairs by Pulpo
Two carved wood three-legged chairs that resemble monsters, with thin backrests that turn into character faces. Both feature big rounded eyes, and the one on the left features spiky hair. One of our designs selected for furnishing a modern haunted house.

Turn any dinner party into a monster mash by seating guests at Transylvanian wood carver Vasilica Isăcescu’s playful thrones. Designed in collaboration with Nadja Zerunian of co/rizom, the collection includes seven characters — each one named after a different member of the Addams family.

Vendicari by Cappellini
A patio chair composed of sinuous strips of aluminum that ripple to form armrests and legs.

Why fill your front yard with a four-metre-tall animatronic character when you can invest in this mummy-like lawn chair instead? Jangir Maddadi’s elegant design features a composition of sinuous aluminum bands that recall stray strips of fabric blowing in the wind.

Vis à Vis lamp by Davide Groppi
A transparent table lamp that features a clear disc atop a clear cylindrical stem. The spotlight from the light illuminates three wireframe pieces of cutlery.

Davide Groppi’s see-through table lamp takes after Casper the friendly ghost, emitting a comforting yet ethereal glow. Using magnets to secure a clear acrylic disc to a similarly transparent stem, the portable lamp lasts for nine hours on a single charge.

Willo stool by La Manufacture
A shiny red side table shaped like a drop of blood but with a flat top and base. It's shown against a moody black backdrop.

If your evening drink of choice is a glass of something red (we’re looking at you, Dracula), consider Constance Guisset’s blood droplet-shaped side table the perfect late-night companion. Also suitable for outdoor use, the glazed stoneware design does double duty as a seat.

Drift by Glas Italia
A rectangular glass shelving unit with a secondary black wood box inset into it at an angle. The box extends beyond the top edge of the shelving unit.

There’s a surrealist bent to Nendo’s latest for Glas Italia, which embeds a tilted black oak box within an acid-etched glass frame — almost as though the spirit of one shelving unit is possessing the body of another. Given how handsome the end result is, we’d say there’s no need to call a furniture exorcist.

Mickey by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna
A green armchair with a black-edged frame that curves into two curly "ears" at the top of the seat.

What do you get when you cross Mickey Mouse’s ears with Austrian manufacturer Gebrüder Thonet Vienna’s history of bentwood manufacturing? India Mahdavi’s fabulous Frankenstein of a design experiment. After all, every modern haunted house needs at least one surprise pop of bold colour.

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