Bringing a natural atmosphere into the room has proven to be effective in making the house feel fresher. The use of indoor plants is not only to sweeten the room, these plants are very useful for our health because they provide oxygen and are also good as air purifiers. However, for those of you who have a limited area, of course it is difficult to determine where to place your favorite houseplants? Today I have a practical solution for decorating a bare wall with some plant shelf DIY projects.

Using wallpaper may be commonplace, but you can work around this with a living wall or a vertical garden on a wall filled with houseplants. From industrial-style plant walls to bohemian styles, here I’ve rounded up 8 plant wall ideas in some of the easiest and most fun ways. So make sure you find one of these gorgeous plant wall collections below!

1. Industrial plant walls with wallpaper

Industrial-style plant walls look neat when applied to modern interiors. The plant rack is made entirely of iron or sturdy metal with black accents that add a masculine impression. There’s also a rock pattern wallpaper that’s great for a statement piece.


2. Vines on the walls

If you’re looking for an easy way to display a wall of plants, choose your favorite houseplant vines. Then let them hang and grow following the design you created, for example using wire or bamboo as the planting medium.


3. Hanging plant wall with macrame pots

Do you like the boho interior style? This plant wall idea might just become your favorite. With hanging macrame pots, your empty wall will look more aesthetic. Combine with a display cabinet that blends in with your other plant collections.


4. Display on the hexagon wooden frame

By adding wooden accents as a plant wall shelf installation, your plant collection will be more pleasing to the eye. Choose a series of hexagonal wooden frames to display more of your indoor plant collection.


5. Pin the lush mini plants

Use different kinds of mini plants to fill in the blanks on the walls. You can display various types of tiny plants in a glass vase to be attached and lined up in that area. This method is very effective for plants that do not need soil and is suitable for water plants or air plants.


6. Multipurpose wall plant rack

This plant rack is not only practical for storing various types of plants and your collection items, but can also function as a room divider. You can achieve this method by storing a variety of indoor plants in an open bookcase. Then place it according to your needs, such as filling one of your walls or as a room divider.


7. Vertical garden designs in your kitchen

Create a practical and versatile kitchen by creating a vertical garden design in your kitchen. Place them in pots or baskets using a hanging rail to display a variety of herbs and spices. In this way you can harvest it at any time whenever you need additional herbs.


8. Plant rack in the corner of the room

This last DIY project is the easiest for you to do at home, by attaching a shelf in the corner of the room containing various types of ornamental plants. Make a vertical arrangement of shelves and place them in a corner near the window, but if the corner of your room feels dark, try choosing plants that don’t need sunlight.


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