Dorm rooms are always synonymous with narrow rooms and perfunctory designs. The reason is because residents often have difficulty placing various decorations and furniture, such as cupboards and beds. Even though this dorm room becomes the main residence after you decide to leave your parents’ house. So, designing it must be really careful so that the quality of sleep increases and makes you more comfortable.

There are lots of creative and space-saving dorm room ideas, but you can also add a variety of storage units that will help you with your studies. With an organized design, you can also maximize existing space and enhance the aesthetics of your dorm room. Curious about what dorm room ideas are right for you? In the following we have summarized 7 easy ways to do it.

1. Take Advantage Of The Wall Area


Space limitations make you have to be able to think outside the box. If the floor area is no longer possible to place items, then you can use the empty wall area. Install a wall shelf to place your favorite collection of posters, photos or books. Besides being functional, a minimalist style dorm room also looks prettier.

2. Large Windows


When you choose a dorm room, try to choose a room that is equipped with large windows. Not without reason, a dorm room with a window will give an open concept and make the room feel more refreshing.

3. Fairy Lights


In addition to being inexpensive, fairy lights or string lights will make a dorm room even warmer and cozier. This dimly lit lamp is great for bringing magic into a cramped dorm room. You can combine it with boho decor or Scandinavian look.

4. Bunk Beds For Shared


To reduce the cost of renting a dorm room, you can invite your friends to rent a room with two beds or use a bunk bed. Besides being practical, this bed design will give you and your friends more space for other activities.

5. Hidden Storage


A simple dorm room certainly requires a large storage area. To overcome clutter, you can create hidden storage areas that are easy to access. Use multifunctional furniture as storage so that no space is wasted. For example storage under the bed, behind the headboard, or a table with hidden shelves.


6. Cozy Rugs


To reduce the use of furniture, you can replace chairs or sofas with comfortable floor rugs. In addition to being easy to roll and store, this floor rug won’t take up much space in a small dorm room.

7. Indoor Plants


If your dorm room has a window, there’s nothing wrong with adding natural elements with indoor plants. Choose plants that don’t need a lot of care and sunlight, use pots and place them in the most eye-catching area. Besides making the room fresher, the dorm room will also look more aesthetic.

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