The laundry room often gets less attention, especially for those who live in small residences or apartments. It cannot be denied, the washing room has become an important part of every household activity. However, what if you really don’t have the area for a laundry room? The solution is, you can combine a certain room with a laundry room to make every activity easier and space-saving.

Even though it’s not very spacious, you can use every remaining space you have to make it into a minimalist laundry room. With the right arrangement, every inch of existing space can be converted into a comfortable, attractive washing and drying room that doesn’t even take up much space. Here are some space-saving laundry room ideas for those of you who want to maximize the remaining space in the house. Let’s check it out!

1. Laundry room under the stairs


Maximize the empty area under the stairs into a hidden laundry room. Create a built-in laundry room by placing a front load washing machine, which if you want you can add a table top on top to store things. In another corner, add a minimalist shelf or shelf that can be used as a storage container for soap and other small equipment.

2. The laundry room is integrated with the bathroom


Building a laundry room in the bathroom feels very practical because it makes it easier to manage water and washing waste. Apart from that, combining the laundry room with the bathroom is also considered more efficient. Place the washing machine in any area you want, for example in the corner of the room, near the bathtub or next to the shower. Also make sure that the bathroom floor is made of waterproof material that is non-slip, so that it does not endanger you and your family members at home.

3. Laundry room connected to the outdoors


Apart from being used as a garden or backyard, you can also use a small area there as a laundry and drying room. Complete the laundry room with upper cabinets and table tops with side drawers for storing and placing washing items and equipment.

4. Laundry room integrated with the kitchen


Utilize the remaining space in the kitchen into a functional laundry and drying room. Install a table top above the front load washing machine that you can use to place items and an upper cabinet to store washing equipment. For a drying room, leave a little space on the side or the area closest to the incoming sunlight.

5. Laundry room with transparent roof


Laundry and drying rooms with a semi-outdoor concept are very popular nowadays. You can build a washing room at the back or side of your house depending on the area you have. On the roof, you can use a transparent roof that allows sunlight to enter the room, but still protects your clothes or clothes from the rain.

6. Laundry room on the balcony


A balcony is the most ideal place to build a laundry room because it is directly connected to the outside space. This area is also practical because you can create a laundry room either closed or open. Apart from that, the laundry room balcony also allows you to have a comfortable relaxing area after tiring washing activities.

7. Laundry room on the rooftop


Have an unused rooftop area at home? Apart from being used as a relaxing area and garden, you can also use the rooftop as a practical laundry and drying room. To avoid rain, but still get enough sunlight, you can use a transparent roof.

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