Living with a pet is like having small children at home. And if you are a dog lover then there are many things you need to know before deciding to adopt this furry friend. Many homeowners often overlook the importance of balancing a home that is both beautiful and fit for our furry friends. In fact, I’m sure not a few of you have experienced the same problem when faced with the mess that arises as a result of pet behavior.

In this post, I want to share some simple tips and how to design a dog-friendly house. If you expect your home to look tidy and you want your furry friend to be happy, now is the time to start cleaning up your house or maybe spending a little time on your dog’s room. Let’s check!

1. Choose the right furniture material


Indeed, there is no limit to choosing the furniture that you like, but it is important to consider what you will allow as well as according to the function of the room. That’s why some types of furniture materials are so dog-friendly.

Woven fabric furniture is the perfect combination of comfort and beauty. While the texture of the weave is great, be considerate of your dog as his nails can prick and cause damage. While leather is noticeably easier to clean, scratches do fade over time, and even imitation leather does well.

Another idea, velvet furniture gives a timeless beautiful look. Many recommend velvet and even synthetic velvet for ease of cleaning and reducing hair buildup.

2. Get a covered trashcan


You may think it’s not a must, but it’s safer than getting your house messy. You never know what odors your pet may trigger. So, avoid any problems or ailments by placing a lid on the trash can.

3. Create a play area in the room


Dogs are animals that spend their time sleeping and playing. So, it’s clear that you need to create a comfortable dog space at home. It should be separate from the main room to give them more privacy. If necessary add a dog bed, dog house or food station to let them know that’s where the territory is.

4. Choose a stain resistant rug


Choosing a dog-friendly rug is not as easy as you might think. Make your home easier by choosing a dog rug that is stain resistant and easy to clean. The most popular idea is a persian rug with a unique pattern. Although slightly more expensive, rugs with a vintage style and beautiful texture are easy to clean and can hide stains.

5. Have a pet cleaner at home


For pet owners, of course you already know why you have to always prepare cleaners for pets? It doesn’t matter how many times you clean the dander or stains that are left in the house, they will always be there so you have to prepare everything from scratch.

6. Create a cleaning area


If you live in an apartment or tiny dwelling like me, you may need to set up a dog bath station for those rainy, muddy days. Creating areas or stations for these events in advance would make a big difference. Prepare a water faucet, tissues and towels on a bench near the entrance so that once your dog enters, his paws are taken care of.

7. Choose dog-friendly plants


If you like a green thumb indoors, it is very important to know if your plants are pet friendly. Make sure the plants you choose are non-toxic or even good for your dog’s health at home. I recommend a variety of dog-friendly plants, such as philodendron, pothos, pace lily, dumb cane, umbrella plant, umbrella plant, and several types of flowers, such as daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips

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