how to make an open wardrobe for your bedroom

how to make an open wardrobe for your bedroom

Ikea’s most budget friendly kitchen range is the metod range – called sektion in the US.  What’s more is that the metod cabinets are infinitely hackable.  Change the colour, change the doors, change the use – so many possibilities.  And who can resist a great Ikea hack? Not me!

When we’re talking Ikea metod cabinet hacks, we’re talking about taking these humble kitchen cabinets and turning them in to stunning living room storage or bathroom decor or cabinets for any room.  You really can do so much with these metod cabinets and it’s so budget friendly too.

The best part of most of these Ikea metod cabinet hacks is that they’re pretty easy to do even if you’re not the most confident DIY’er.

The best Ikea metod cabinet hacks

ikea metod cabinet hacks

Who would have ever guessed that these are kitchen cabinets!  These metod cabinets look so stylish in this living room.  The cabinet doors have been transformed by adding a simple edging which makes them look timeless and elegant.  The soft grey color they’ve been painted in adds even more aesthetic appeal.  And they go from wall to wall, providing loads of storage.  You can find the tutorial here but it’s in Finnish so you’ll have to do some google translating.


ikea cabinet hack

For this metod hack, the slim kitchen cabinets have been turned on their sides to create a minimal storage unit in this living room.  It’s been left white which keeps the look minimal and the addition of the marble tops makes this look so much more expensive than it is.  This is one of my very own Ikea hacks so I can honestly say it isn’t too tricky to put together and it gives so much easily accessible closed storage.  This unit was particularly useful to quickly tidy up my daughters toys when she was younger.

kitchen island with Ikea cabinets

This metod (sektion) hack has been transformed beyond recognition.  It looks like a custom made piece but it’s a DIY that you can easily do.  Here the metod cabinet has been used to create a DIY kitchen island with a fluted look.   The pale wood looks great against all the black in this kitchen.  But if not for your kitchen, you could use this idea anywhere you want some stylish storage in your home.  I’m thinking bedside table, kids room storage, living room cabinet… so many possibilities.  Once again we have a budget friendly hack that looks way more expensive.


Ikea sektion wall cabinet living room

This Ikea sektion hack looks so modern and contemporary.  The best part is that this hack takes no effort at all.  There is no DIY tutorial for this one but you don’t really need it.  The sektion wall cabinets in the black finish have been hung on the wall and then some wooden storage boxes have been added under.  The wood is a lovely contrast against the black cabinets.  I especially like this hack for smaller spaces where you need to use the height of the room so you get plenty of storage without cluttering floor space.

Ikea metod in bathroom

While the Ikea metod or sektion is a kitchen cabinet, with a little creativity, it can be used in any room of your home.  This next hack shows exactly that.  Instead of a bathroom vanity, metod cabinets have been used to create lots of built in storage in this bathroom.  The cabinets haven’t been changed in any way; instead they’ve been installed as is but in a bathroom instead of a kitchen.  They have been finished with a concrete countertop which completes the look beautifully.  There is no DIY for this for obvious reasons; it’s simply a question of measuring your space and adding cabinets as needed. (image credit)

Ikea sektion home office

How simple yet stylish do these grey-blue metod cabinets look?  As we’ve seen these cabinets really are so versatile – here they’ve been used as home office storage in a very small home office. This is created by Helsingo, a Finnish company that make custom doors and finishes for Ikea metod cabinets and lots of other Ikea cabinets too.  So if doing your own DIY hack doesn’t appeal, there are plenty of options to easily upgrade your Ikea furniture without lifting a finger.  But if you do want to have a go, you can easily recreate this look with some paint and by switching out the handles.

Ikea cabinet hack wardrobe

Last but not least, here the metod cabinets have been used to add some closed storage to this DIY open wardrobe rail.  This is another of my very own DIY’s so I know that creating this ‘wardrobe’ is so budget friendly compared to buying wardrobes.  I wanted an open wardrobe look so we created the DIY clothes rack but you also always need some closed storage and the metod cabinets worked out perfectly for this.  They have drawers inside which are perfect for storing clothes and accessories that can’t be hung.  We left the cabinets white as that worked for our bedroom colour scheme but you could paint them if you wanted.

I’ve shared some of my favourite metod/sektion hacks here but the possibilities are really endless.  And the cabinets are so budget friendly allowing you to create custom storage at a fraction of the price of buying ready made cabinets.

Which of these Ikea metod cabinet hacks are your favourite?

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