Every residence with two floors or more must be equipped with stairs as access to the upper floors. Apart from designing stairs, the use of railings or banisters is an important element that cannot be missed. The stair railing functions as a safety feature to prevent you or your family from falling from a height, as well as being a handle when climbing or descending stairs.

As a home owner, you really have to really pay attention to the safety and comfort factors of every occupant in it. Surely you don’t want children, parents, or even yourself to fall down the stairs, so choosing a stair railing idea is the first thing when you want to build a level house.

In the following, I have collected some stair railing ideas that you can use as inspiration and increase the visual appeal of the overall interior design of your home. Let’s see!

1. Wooden Stair Railing


This is the most popular and timeless stair railing. This railing design is made of wood material so that it gives a natural and sturdy look to be used for a long time. You can use wooden staircase railings for a variety of interior styles, from modern, minimalist, rustic, farmhouse, and many more.

2. Fishnet Stair Railing


Fishnet stair railing gives a unique and aesthetic look to the room. This staircase idea is also better than other stair railings in terms of safety. If by chance you have children at home, try using a fishnet attached to a steel frame.

3. Metal Stair Railing


Metal is one of the ideal materials for use in home construction, including use in stair railings. This stair railing model makes a strong impression in an industrial-style metallic color.

4. Glass Stair Railing


If you like a room that is more minimalist, modern and clean, try choosing an elegant frameless glass stair railing. Ideas like this can also create the impression that the room is wider and more spacious than it actually is.

5. Rope Stair Railing


This stair railing idea gives a bit of a nautical look to the style of the room. Consists of a series of ropes or ropes arranged vertically. On one side it will usually be connected to the ceiling and the other side to the bottom of the stairs.

6. Spiral Steel Stair Railing


Using a circular steel material designed to follow the staircase design, this stair railing will add a very grand visual appeal to the room. In addition, the use of steel material has also proven to be very sturdy and safe for long-term use.

7. Metal And Sculpture Stair Railing


Combining black metal stair railing designs on one side and sculptural stair railings on the other. This combination is very interesting because it creates the impression of a contemporary and minimalist room in one staircase design.

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