Daybeds are a practical, cozy and functional solution, especially in smaller spaces. If you happen to be someone who likes to relax at home, pamper yourself with a daybed to get some quality time. While daybeds may not be as popular as other pieces of furniture, they are smaller and deeper than a sofa, making them perfect as a reading nook, napping area, or even an impromptu guest bed. That’s why a daybed can be the perfect solution to any space problem you have at home.

Daybeds are great because they can function as both a bed and a sofa. Some daybeds even have wheels underneath to create more sleeping space. Not only does it serve multiple purposes, but every room can benefit from adding a daybed, from baby rooms, porches, and even home offices, feeling more comfortable with a beautiful seating area.

Interested in bringing functional furniture into your space? Here are some tips and ideas for the best daybeds that you should have at home.

1. Farmhouse style daybed


If you want to create a warm room feel and a slightly vintage style, this daybed design is worth considering. Not only is this the perfect place to rest your feet with a favorite book, the farmhouse style daybed will also provide a relaxing home atmosphere. Complete with linen fabric and chair cushions which add comfort when used.

2. Functional double daybed


Have more than one family member at home? This double daybed idea has many functions that make the atmosphere feel pleasant. Equipped with an additional sitting or sleeping area underneath, this daybed will not take up much space because it can be hidden when it is not needed.

3. DIY plywood daybed


Plywood is a material that gives off a natural impression. So, you can choose this material to make a comfortable DIY daybed. Natural wood material combined with bold colors can be a combination that can add character to a room.

4. Work space daybed


Working too hard can actually make you unfocused and feel tired. So, perhaps you need a place to relax for a moment to restore focus and enthusiasm. If your work space is small, try adding a daybed to restore stamina and make you productive again.

5. Hanging daybed on the patio


Maximize the experience of enjoying time outdoors in the garden by installing a hanging daybed like this. Apart from being able to relax you, its unique appearance also beautifies the appearance of your patio.

6. Nursery daybed


Daybeds can also be used as real beds, especially if you place them in your nursery. Make time with your little one more enjoyable from late at night to early in the morning with a long daybed that doubles as a napping base.

7. Outdoor daybed


Nothing feels more relaxing than spending time outdoors in nice weather. Add a daybed to your garden or backyard for a refreshing oasis that you can enjoy with the whole family. This rattan daybed is not only comfortable with a soft base and pillows, but also provides an aesthetic appearance outdoors.

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