Besides rattan and wood, bamboo is one of the best materials that is ideal for being part of home decoration. Apart from providing a natural appearance, one of the advantages of bamboo is that it is resistant to all weather, making it suitable for placement even outdoors. There are many ways to apply bamboo crafts to your home, from making it look modern, minimalist, rustic, contemporary, to giving the impression of being one with nature.

Bamboo crafts have become very popular because they have various advantages, for example the material is light, easy to care for, and can function like wood products but is cheaper and environmentally friendly. Apart from that, many bamboo crafts are now made aesthetically pleasing so they are easy to apply to any room concept. So, if you want a natural touch indoors or outdoors, bamboo is the most appropriate solution. Below we have collected seven bamboo decorations that will enhance your interior. Let’s see!

1. Bamboo Furniture


Bamboo furniture is the most ideal decoration adding a natural touch to your interior. This is an effective way of creating a rustic feel to your living room, family room, dining room, bedroom or patio. Use furniture made from bamboo such as chairs, bamboo sofa sets, beds and tables which also give an aesthetic impression in the room.

2. Bamboo Hanging Lamp


To provide a soft and beautiful light effect, hang woven bamboo lamps indoors. These bamboo lamps usually have unique and diverse shapes, so they can be installed in any interior style.

3. Bamboo Wardrobe


To add dimension and texture to plain wood furniture, consider a bamboo wardrobe as a place to store clothes or other accessories. Apart from being an indoor attraction, bamboo wardrobes are also light, sturdy and bring a natural feel.

4. Bamboo Wall Decoration


Bamboo crafts have shapes that are easy to adjust according to needs, bamboo is also easy to combine with other materials to create a more unique impression. For example, you can decorate the walls with bamboo hangings, decorative displays, or photo frames made of bamboo.

5. Bamboo Curtains


Bored with cloth curtains that seem ordinary? Try switching to bamboo curtains which make the room feel more lively and fresh. Curtains from this material can work well to block sunlight and make your window space look more aesthetic.

6. Bamboo Pots and Baskets


Place some bamboo pots or baskets indoors for a natural look. Bamboo pots and baskets look simple but have decorative value, and match almost all wall paint.

7. Bamboo Partition


If you want to add privacy to your room, bamboo partitions are worth considering. The open space concept is indeed effective for getting around space limitations, but in such rooms it is difficult to divide functions between one room and another. Apart from effectively dividing space based on function, bamboo partitions are light so they can be used as needed.

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