The facade or exterior of the house is the first thing people see when they come to our homes. So, adding the right exterior color paint is the first thing you should do when you want to decorate your home. The reason is, painting the exterior of the house does not only last one to two weeks but must be able to last for years to come. So, choosing an exterior color paint idea will make your job easier while also beautifying the outdoor area.

In this post I have collected beautiful exterior color paint ideas that will last for a long time. Make sure the choice of exterior paint color matches the style and concept of your home, and here are seven exterior paint colors that are the most popular this year. From the timeless classic white exterior to the adorable pink color, find more inspiration below!

1. Classic White Color


Classic white is the most popular paint color of all time. Included in neutral color types, classic white will make your home exterior look elegant, clean, and not boring. This color also evokes a sense of calm, making it ideal for creating a peaceful and cozy family environment.

2. Soft Grey Color


Soft gray is also a versatile and sophisticated neutral. The color is very easy to match with any exterior style, you can even combine this color with various color variants. From classic to modern, and blends well with other neutral colors like white, black and beige.

3. Blue Color


If you want the exterior of the house to stand out with color, consider blue as the main choice. It can be a darker navy blue or a refreshing light blue. The blue exterior of your home will make your home feel cool, inviting, and downright comfortable. Apart from that, the blue exterior also creates an interesting color contrast with the greenery.

4. Brick Red Color


Brick red is included in the natural color variant because it displays the earth element. You can use this color on the exterior to make your home feel cooler and calmer. Also, the brick red color presents an eye-catching visual that can enhance your outdoor aesthetic.

5. Black Color


The use of black as exterior house paint has become a trend lately. Black creates a dramatic, standout, and modern look. If you like masculine style, then the black exterior is worth considering.

6. Pink Color


Maybe you have never thought of adding pink to the exterior color of your home, even though pink is a subtle and adorable color for a home exterior, as well as reflecting the cheerful character of its residents. You can combine pink with white or black to balance a vibrant and playful impression so that it looks more charming.

7. Beige Color


Beige is a neutral and calming color that can add a sophisticated touch to a house exterior. You can easily combine beige with neutral colors or muted colors. Beige is ideal for outdoors because it gives a warm, welcoming and homey impression without having to use many other color choices.

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