The TV room is often the central area in the house, so it is usually placed in the family room. However, television is also a medium of entertainment that is often debated because each person has their own comfortable position when watching their favorite shows. If by chance you are looking to rearrange the TV room or are looking for a way to make the TV room feel functional, there are several factors that must be considered when placing the TV so that it suits what you want.

The comfort factor is of course the first thing you must have in a TV room. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or even family room, make sure the TV can be seen when lying down or when you are in a certain corner of the room. Meanwhile, if there is a sitting area in the TV room, make sure it is in the middle room that is at the same level as you.

Then the next thing to pay attention to is the window. So, it’s best to place the TV not opposite the window because it will cause glare on the screen which will irritate your eyes when watching. Below we have summarized several easy ways to organize your TV room for you to try at home. Get inspired!

1. Place it on the TV table


Placing the TV on a TV table is the most classic and most popular way. Apart from having many choices of TV tables, you can also adjust them according to the shape, size and price offered. Generally, the TV room has many cupboards, and one of them is a TV table which you can use.

2. Wall mounted


This is the most common way of mounting the TV on the wall. You can make it float or fit into the wall with customized sizes. Apart from being safe from children’s reach, placing a TV on the wall will also make your room more aesthetic.

3. Combined with a wall gallery


Adding photo frames or a wall gallery around the TV makes the TV room seem to blend in with the decoration. You can use this method so that the TV does not dominate the wall and softens its appearance. For example, you can display black and white photos or abstract artwork to beautify the room.

4. Place it near the sitting area


Besides placing the TV on tables and cupboards, the TV can also be placed near the sitting area. This placement idea is suitable for those of you who want to create a comfortable and relaxing private corner without having to sacrifice a lot of space.

5. Hide the TV from sight


For those of you who don’t like the TV display, you can try to hide it. Keep the TV away from the door so that your armpits going in and out of the room don’t focus too much on the TV. You can also make a practical hidden TV cabinet to completely hide your TV.

6. Place it in a cabinet or wall cupboard


This idea is also very popular, especially for modern interior styles. Place the TV in a special cabinet made for storing TVs. This TV cupboard is usually also equipped with a hidden storage area so it feels more functional.

7. Place the TV on the shelf


Another practical idea for organizing a TV room is to use shelves arranged in one corner of the room. You can place your TV in the center of the shelf, while the rest makes a brilliant storage area. Also add decorations such as plants, books, or flower vases so you’re not just glued to the TV.

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