The rainy season is often unpredictable, of course this is a challenge in washing and drying clothes. This is why laundry can be a more troublesome and time-consuming job when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Apart from the laundry room having to be an essential functional space, the routines carried out in the laundry room also have to feel enjoyable.

Organizing a laundry room is not actually a complicated job, but many people still don’t know where to start. To make laundry activities more effective, it is important to have the right equipment and organization. We believe that when everything is more organized and attractive it can improve your mood when you are active in it.

Here are some easy tips and tricks that you can follow when you want to rearrange your laundry room. With the right arrangement, your laundry room will be more functional and aesthetic.

1. Storage rack for the laundry room


One of the important things in increasing the efficiency of laundry activities is to have a good storage area. There are many choices of shelves that you can choose according to your needs and the size of your laundry room. During the rainy season, hanging shelves or shelves attached to the wall are of course more effective in saving space. Apart from that, you can also use storage shelves with several levels for extra storage.

2. Laundry storage baskets and bags


To keep your laundry room looking neat, dirty clothes hampers and storage bags are practical choices. This will help you collect dirty clothes neatly and make the washing process more organized.

3. Folding clothesline for small rooms


If your laundry room is small, adding a folding laundry is a smart choice. Choose a folding clothesline that can be mounted on a wall which saves space for drying clothes. This is especially helpful during the rainy season when drying clothes outside is not possible.

4. Laundry equipment storage cupboard


Don’t forget to provide a special storage cupboard for storing laundry equipment. For example detergent, fabric softener, and brushes, having an organized storage cupboard will make your laundry activities easier. Customize various storage cupboard options to suit your needs.

5. Folding table for ironing


Ironing clothes is often a very tedious job, but having a folding table designed for ironing can make it easier. Choose a folding table that can be used as needed and can be folded back to save space.

6. Laundry room lamp


Considering that the weather is often dark and cloudy during the rainy season, lighting is very important to help laundry work be more effective. You can choose various lighting designs that can improve the lighting in your laundry room. For example, a table lamp will make your work easier or a hanging lamp will provide calming lighting.

7. Laundry room carpet


To prevent slips or other undesirable things in the laundry room, choose a non-slip carpet in wet areas such as in front of the washing machine or sink. Make sure the carpet has a comfortable texture on the surface for your comfort while maintaining safety. I hope this helps!

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