keep your home clutter free

keep your home clutter free

I’ve often shared ideas on decluttering your home.  Today, I wanted to share some simple ideas on how you can keep your home clutter-free, most of the time.  Because once you’ve decluttered, it’s usually only a matter of time before the clutter builds up again. And nobody wants that!

It is possible to keep clutter at bay with a few simple actions and habits.  Some of these are things you can do daily which take very little time but go a long way to keeping your home clutter free.  Others are about being intentional with your home and your stuff.  Together, these simple ideas will help you stop clutter building up in your home.

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6 simple ideas for keeping your home clutter free

1. have a place for everything

This is the number one secret to having a clutter-free home.  If everything has a designated place, then nothing needs to be out of place.  The problem starts when things don’t have a home so they are left lying around and that slowly builds up in to a whole pile of stuff.  Before this happens, if something doesn’t have a home either find a home for it or ask yourself if you really need to hang on to it.

2. put everything back in it’s place

Having a place for everything is only one part of the equation.  The second, equally important bit is putting things back in their place after each use.  This is the part I find the hardest because I always tell myself that I’ll do it later.  But later means that more stuff piles up and it soon becomes a big task.  Instead, start trying to put stuff away immediately.  Over time this will become a habit and you’ll do it without thinking.

3. let there be space

Having empty space goes a long way to making your home feel and look clutter-free.  A home full of stuff is always going to look cluttered even if everything has a home and you’re super organised.  I get that there are times when we just don’t feel ready to part with things, even if we’re not using them.  There are many reasons for holding on to stuff we don’t use; that’s another story for another day.  For now, if that sounds like you, consider getting some self storage.  It will free up space in your home and allow you to get a fresh perspective on your space.  More importantly, if you never need to access the stuff and you forget about it,  you’ll soon realise that you don’t actually need to hang on to it.

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4. make two minute efforts throughout the day

Small consistent efforts add up to big results, almost effortlessly.  By this I mean doing little things that take no more than a minute or two and doing them consistently.  When kicking off your shoes as you walk in the door, take an extra few seconds to put them where they belong.  Similarly hang clothes up every night.  Don’t leave stuff in the kitchen sink.  Be especially mindful of leaving stuff on countertops and flat surfaces – they are clutter magnets!  Anything that takes two minutes or less is worth doing right away.  In time, this habit will be a real game changer when it comes to having a clutter free home.

5. make your bed

Speaking of two minute efforts, this one tiny task can have a huge impact on your bedroom and your mindset.  So it deserves its own mention.  Beds are the focal point of bedrooms, so they set the tone for the rest of the room. If your bed is made, it will encourage you to keep the rest of your bedroom tidy.  Also by making your bed each morning, you’ve started the day with a small win which then encourages another win and another, helping you make the most of your day.  It’s something that takes a minute and is a positive way to start your day with many benefits.  It’s an easy, quick win so why not do it daily?

6. be intentional with purchases

In other words, don’t buy things on impulse.  Impulse purchases was my thing for years.  A little trip to IKEA meant I would buy yet another vase to add to my collection of a gazillion vases!  After all it was only a tenner.  Then there were always those tempting bargains – I mean if it’s 50% off, you have to have it, right?  Now, I’ve learned to be more intentional.  I stop and ask myself ‘do I really want this?’ and ‘how will it add to my home?’. Most of the time, I don’t end up buying it.  It’s simply about taking a moment to pause and think before you buy.  If you do this, you will stop buying unnecessary stuff which becomes clutter in the long run.

Of course I’m not perfect and don’t always follow these rules because life gets in the way or I forget.  But I try.  And the more I try the more I see results.  And doing just a few of these things when you can, will reduce your clutter much more than not doing anything.  It’s not about being perfect; it’s about trying.  Do you have any clutter reducing tips? Share them in the comments below.

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