Looking for the perfect coffee mug to add a little spice to your morning routine? Or are you seeking out a fun yet affordable gift for friends and coworkers? This guide has so many great ideas! We’ve collected our favorite super-unique coffee mugs from all around the web – each one available to purchase right now. Here you’ll find sophisticated mugs with distinctive silhouettes, smart mugs for tech enthusiasts, mugs shaped like pop culture characters, and colorful designs for free spirits. Many of these clever coffee mugs capture the unexpected to start conversations at the home or office. Have fun with the cool coffee mugs below.


New Wave Coffee Mug Set: Simple yet sophisticated – and perfectly unconventional. This award-winning porcelain coffee mug features a twisted ribbonlike handle and an equally shapely saucer, sure to capture attention from every angle. Each set includes two mugs, two saucers, and two equally unique stirring spoons. Enjoy a cafe experience every time you sit down with a hot beverage.


Jonathan Adler Muse Coffee Mug: Rockstar designer Jonathan Adler is known for his unique and sometimes surreal creations, and the beautiful Dora Maar coffee mug is a fantastic example. This piece is shaped with repeating faces that peer out from every side, inspired by Pablo Picasso’s famous muse Dora Maar. This piece is sculpted from porcelain with a glossy glazed finish.


Ceramic Custom Coffee Mug: Looking for something truly one-of-a-kind? Consider investing in a custom coffee mug to perfectly suit your occasion. This mug can be imprinted with a custom message on the exterior, on the interior, or both. It would make a fantastic gift for an anniversary or to commemorate another important event. Each one is handmade to order.


Conical Coffee Mugs with Stands: Make a memorable impression on guests with a coffee mug style they have almost certainly never seen before. These beautiful ceramic mugs are shaped like cones with a pointy bottom and all. To stand upright, each one comes with a cube-shaped holder. Each set includes two mugs – choose from a variety of colorways or mix and match to create a custom theme all your own.


Stoneware Handwarmer Coffee Mugs: These thick stoneware coffee mugs will keep your beverages nice and warm, and they’ll also keep your hands warm on a cold day too. The handle is accompanied by an especially deep dip that allows you to wrap both hands around the cup for warmth and comfort. Each set includes one white mug and one blue mug.


Black Coffee Mug with Wood Handle: A round wooden handle sets this otherwise minimalistic black coffee mug apart from the rest. This artistic design is crafted from ceramic with a glossy interior glaze and a matte exterior finish, beautiful to look at and pleasant to use. Each one includes the matching saucer. The spoon is not included.


Coffee Mug Holding a Mug: Enjoy a hot latte while your mug enjoys its own tiny latte. This playful coffee mug is sure to turn heads, with one side sculpted to look like a pair of hands holding a hot beverage complete with foam art and all. Other variations are also available, including mugs where the hands are making a heart shape or holding table utensils.


Cable Knit Coffee Mug and Spoon: What could be cozier than a hot beverage on a cool evening? How about a cozy sweater? This beautiful stoneware coffee mug features an imprinted cable knit pattern sure to remind you of your favorite winter wear. This piece includes a matching spoon, which is easy to store right in the cutout on the handle.


Bagel Shaped Coffee Mug: Fresh bagels are a classic complement for a hot cup of coffee. This design combines both in one creative design. This stoneware mug is shaped like a bagel and glazed in toasty tan and cream cheese white. Each one is one-of-a-kind. Dishwasher-safe construction makes cleanup a breeze. Consider giving this as a gift to a breakfast-loving friend.


Glass Insulated Coffee Mug with Handle: This curved latte mug cuts a distinctive silhouette, emphasized by the transparent walls that show off the delicious contents within. These coffee mugs feature an insulated double-wall design to keep hot beverages hot while preventing cold beverages from sweating. Borosilicate glass construction ensures dependable strength.


Snail Clear Glass Coffee Mug: Share your coffee with a delightful friend every single morning with this charming mug design, its green handle topped with an adorable glass snail. Each mug is handcrafted from resilient borosilicate glass, food safe and dishwasher safe. This design is also available with a frog or a bird perched on the handle.


Colorful Glass Thermal Coffee Mug Set: These thermal mugs will add a pop of brilliant color to your breakfast table. These mugs are crafted from transparent glass with a double-wall design for great insulation, ensuring your hot beverages stay hot and your cool beverages stay cool. Each set includes four mugs each with a different jewel-tone color.


Colorful Borosilicate Coffee Mugs: Created by Danish design company HAY, these borosilicate coffee mugs update a classic silhouette with contemporary colors and premium materials. These high-end mugs are available in a variety of exciting colorways, some transparent and others translucent. Mix and match to create a unique theme all your own.


Carafe-Shaped 20 oz Coffee Mug: Know somebody who is so obsessed with coffee that they’d drink it straight from the carafe if they could? This novelty coffee mug would make a great gift and conversation starter. This glass coffee mug is designed to look like a coffee carafe complete with measurement markings and a distinctive lid. This mug can fit a generous 20oz of liquid.

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Heated App-Controlled Ember Coffee Mug: High-tech coffee lovers have propelled the Ember temperature-controlled smart mug to one of the most popular designs in its category. Each mug features a self-heating design that can keep your coffee right at your preferred temperature for up to 80 minutes. Simply place the mug back on its charging dock to recharge.


Pastel Heated Coffee Mug Set: This self-heating ceramic mug features a soft classic silhouette but hides high-end technology within its base. This piece can keep your beverage warm with its built-in heating element, easy to charge using the included charging pad. The charging pad can also be used to charge your Qi-enabled smartphone.


Self-Stirring Electric Coffee Mug: Do you dislike getting to the end of your cup only to be left with sediment from your coffee brew or drink mix? This mug offers an elegant solution. This piece features a magnetic stirring mechanism that can keep your drink uniform from the first sip to the last. Simply press the button on the handle to activate the stirring mechanism.


Friendship Message Coffee Mug: Show love for a long-distance friend with this thoughtful coffee mug gift. This message mug and coaster combination comes with a companion app that lets you attach messages and animations that your friend can then receive on their phone, creating a fun augmented reality experience that brings both parties closer together.


Camera Lens Travel Coffee Mug: Perfect for photographers, this charming travel mug offers a convenient way to bring hot beverages to a shoot site all with on-theme appeal. This piece is designed to look like a camera lens, with tons of detail packed into the surface. The exterior is made from resilient plastic while the interior is made from easy-to-clean stainless steel.


Ceramic Coffee Mug with Lid and Bamboo: This matte ceramic coffee mug features a streamlined aesthetic perfect for the minimalist in your life. Instead of a handle, this piece keeps things simple with an elegant bamboo wrap to protect the hand from any heat within. Choose from a deep matte grey or a bright glossy white. Each mug comes with an included lid.


Wood-Look Stainless Steel Coffee Mug: Make a stylish statement with this premium quality commuter cup from Corkcicle. This travel mug boasts robust insulation to keep your beverage at an acceptable temperature, while its spillproof construction ensures that you’ll arrive at your destination with all the coffee you left with. A gorgeous walnut wood look ensures on-trend appeal.


Stojo Collapsible Coffee Travel Mug: Wish you could reduce your reliance on disposable beverage containers? The smart Stojo collapsible travel cup makes it easy. Simply collapse this design into a small puck-like shape and toss it into your bag, so you can always have a clean container on hand for those last-minute coffee runs. Choose from a diverse range of colors and sizes.


Cork and Glass Travel Mug for Coffee: KeepCup is a gorgeous addition to the travel cup market, combining elegant materials for a high-end look. This design is crafted from thick tempered glass for durability and thermal insulation, equipped with a natural cork ring to protect your hands from the heat. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to best suit your own personal style.


Matte Travel Fellow Coffee Mug: Fellow is a highly popular travel mug company beloved for its sleek minimalistic exterior and its premium construction. This vacuum-insulated mug helps to keep your coffee or tea warm for up to 12 hours, perfect for travel or overtime at the office. Choose from a variety of matte color options.


Spillproof Travel Coffee Mug: Looking for the perfect gift for the clumsiest coffee-lover in your life? The Mighty Mug untippable mug grips to any table surface to greatly reduce the chances of bumps and spills. The leakproof lid adds another layer of protection. Choose from two sizes and a range of bright colors.


Penguin Shaped Coffee Travel Mug: Love your morning coffee even more with this penguin-shaped travel mug that is absolutely filled with personality. This design is vacuum insulated to keep your beverages at your desired temperature. A stainless-steel interior ensures easy cleanup. Choose from four colors.


Bob Ross Color Changing Coffee Mug: Looking for the perfect gift for the Bob Ross fan in your life? This classic coffee mug features a cool color-changing effect. When the cup is empty, it shows a picture of Bob Ross next to a logo of his signature. But when you pour a hot beverage inside, one of Bob’s gorgeous landscapes magically fills out the background.


Peeking Animal Coffee Mug: These charming mugs each hide a fun surprise within. Choose from the pink ribbon-themed mug with an adorable cat inside, or select the green mug that includes a little frog wearing a hat. Each one looks like a normal mug until the coffee level gets lower. These mugs would make a great gift for anyone who appreciates the cuter things in life.


Sculpted Star Wars Coffee Mugs: Show off your Star Wars fandom with these super creative coffee mugs from Zak Designs, each one crafted from durable ceramic with vibrant detailing that is sure to last. Get one for yourself or gift one to a friend or coworker. A variety of character styles are available to choose from.


Insulated Star Wars Corkcicle Coffee Mugs: Love fun themed mugs but prefer to drink out of something that feels more like a classic mug? These charming Star Wars coffee mugs from Corkcicle are triple insulated for excellent performance. Easy-grip flat sides promote better ergonomics while the silicone bottom gives the cup better grip. Choose from a wide variety of playful Star Wars characters including the charming Grogu mug with its distinctive ear accessory.


Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mug Set: This charming Jonathan Adler coffee mug features full lips on one side and a handlebar moustache on the other, inspired by surrealist painter Salvador Dali and the prolific pianist and muse Misia Sert. These practical mugs would make a stylish addition to any table or they could serve as a thematic couple’s gift.


Duck Coffee Mugs: Everybody loves adorable ducks. This coffee mug collection keeps things simple with a smooth white exterior and a spacious arcing handle. Opposite of the handle, two black eyes and a cute orange beak make a super-cute impression. Choose from three sizes including a small coffee cup, regular coffee cup, or large breakfast mug.


Basketball Coffee Mug with a Hoop: This creative coffee mug features a built-in basketball hoop, making every beverage a little more fun. This design holds a generous 15oz of liquid – it’s even large enough for a bowl of cereal. People of any age can enjoy this mug, but it would make a fantastic gift for younger kids.


Black Cat Halloween Coffee Mug: Perfect for spooky season (or any season!), this gorgeous black cat mug by Francesca Kaye is beautifully sculpted from resilient stoneware and hand-painted with intricate glazed details. Each mug is one-of-a-kind. A companion owl design is also available, glazed in bright white with striking yellow eyes.


Sculpted Grinch Coffee Mug: Even the grinchiest coffee lover is sure to smile at this unique mug design. This piece is sculpted and glazed in incredible detail, featuring the Grinch’s signature smirk and piercing yellow eyes. This piece would make a fantastic Christmas gift, or you could gift yourself so you can have the perfect mug to hold your favorite winter beverages.


Dinosaur Shaped Coffee Mug: This sculpted coffee mug is shaped like a brontosaurus, its neck curving around to serve as a clever handle. This piece is made from thick ceramic to keep your beverages nice and warm while protecting your hands from the heat. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift to anyone who loves creative and eccentric mugs.


Kissing Coffee Mug Set: So romantic! These mugs are shaped like friendly faces and when they’re pushed together, the mugs look like they’re sharing a little kiss. These mugs would make a fabulous anniversary gift, valentine’s day gift, or a wedding gift. Each set includes two ceramic mugs that can hold 11oz. Matte finishes lend a modern look. Choose from two color pairings.


Cute Elephant Trunk Coffee Mug: This otherwise simple coffee mug enjoys a clever twist with its cheerful elephant design, with the trunk arching upward to serve as a convenient handle. This mug is made from resilient ceramic with a nice glossy finish that resists chipping and cleans up easily. It would make a great gift for an elephant fan.


Cute Rainbow 20 oz Coffee Mug: Start your day with an uplifting message using this bright rainbow-themed coffee mug from Thyme & Table. This design features a cheerful message – “What a beautiful day” – while the mug handle is designed to look like a colorful rainbow. This piece keeps things simple for everyday practicality and easy cleanup.


Porcelain Coffee Mug Set: Seletti introduces a fun pop art take on baroque elegance with this unexpected porcelain coffee mug collection. Each set includes a cup, a saucer, and a stirring spoon all crafted from white fine porcelain. The cup’s handle is finished in a vibrant high-impact hue – choose from magenta, red, blue, yellow, or green. Matching teapots and accessories are also available.


Oversized Big Mug Coffee Cup: Do you know somebody who loves their coffee more than just about anything else? This super-oversized mug can hold a hilarious 67oz of liquid. That’s more than an entire pot of coffee! This mug would make a clever gag gift for a coworker or boss. Consider getting this design for a white elephant gift exchange party.


Chip Disney Coffee Mug: Disney fans are sure to fall in love with this clever coffee mug design, made to look like a faithful replica of Chip from the movie The Beauty and the Beast. This design is crafted from ceramic and beautifully glazed in stunning full color. Chip’s signature chipped rim is also included in the design. This piece would make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves all things Disney.


Ceramic Greek Coffee Mug: The iconic We Are Happy to Serve You cup has been a takeout staple since 1963, and is now available as reusable ceramic mug that you can enjoy day after day. This design offers all the nostalgia of its paper counterpart but with more heft and longevity, sure to become a favorite addition to your mug collection.


3D Cat Coffee Mug with Spoon: This adorable coffee mug definitely stands out from the rest. Its side is adorned with a three-dimensional cat that pops out from its own little niche, like a furry friend napping in its pet bed. This design includes a matching lid with and a super-cute stirring spoon. Choose from five color options.


Pastel Rainbow Coffee Mugs: Three-dimensional ornaments make these otherwise standard coffee mugs pop with personality! Each one is adorned with your choice of creative embellishments like pastel rainbows, smiling flowers, fruits, polka dots, mushrooms, and more. Choose your favorite or mix and match.


Friends Coffee Mug with Picture Frame: Designed to look like Monica’s iconic purple door from the beloved sitcom Friends, this coffee mug is sure to serve as a conversation starter among people who love 90s television. The signature yellow photo frame actually works to hold pictures – laminate your favorite wallet sized snapshot and place it inside to create your own custom photo mug.


Chubby Coffee Mug Design: Rounded, oversized proportions give this coffee mug an endearing cartoonish quality guaranteed to turn heads. This design is crafted from durable ceramic finished with a silky glaze. Each mug comes with an equally exaggerated saucer to complete the look. Choose from a variety of eye-catching colorways.


Cloud Coffee Mug and Saucer Set: This cloud coffee mug design has gone viral all across the web, beloved for its dainty cup design and its whimsical cloud-shaped saucer. This design includes a cute flower spoon as an added bonus. Choose from glossy pink or pearlescent white. These mugs would make a fantastic gift for the trendsetters in your life.


Textured Floral Coffee Mugs: These sculpted floral coffee mugs are a work of art, fun to use and beautiful to display. Each one is handcrafted from stoneware beautifully glazed with exceptional attention to detail. Choose from three colorways, each one featuring a different flower. These pieces can be used individually but they’re also great for mixing and matching.


Orb-Shaped Ombre Coffee Mug Set: Beautifully crafted from stoneware, these pleasantly round mugs offer an artistic aesthetic for any table setting. Each set includes all three mugs – one pink, one blue, and one tan. Each one features ombre glaze. This premium quality set would make a fantastic housewarming gift for those who enjoy a boho decorative aesthetic.


Leather and Enamel Personalized Coffee Mug: Looking for a personalized gift idea for a coffee lover who also enjoys spending time outdoors? This custom coffee mug features durable enamel construction, strong enough for hiking and camping. The handle and the exterior are wrapped with leather for comfort. Choose the color, then add the name or message you’d like stamped into the leather.

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