Everyone knows that there are so many trendy baseball haircuts. And every position on the field seems to have its style; Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America and in many parts of the world too. These incredible professional athletes not only excel on the field but also off the field as well with their stylish looks. So that means that we have found hairstyles from every type of hair for you to choose from.

On this list of the best baseball haircuts for men, we have signature styles from mullets to short hair with fades and flow haircuts. There is even a look on where you can get your baseball number shaved into the side of your head; that would be so much fun for a championship game. No matter what level of Baseball you play at, or if you do not even play at all, you will want to look at all these trendy baseball haircuts for men in 2024.

1. Wavy Modern Mullet Baseball Haircuts

This first hairstyle is a mix of a mullet and a modern hairstyle. If you have naturally wavy hair, this would be a perfect baseball haircut for you to try out. Keep the back long and front sections long and wavy, then shave the sides short, and you are good to go.

2. Black-Faded Mohawk

This next look is a faded mohawk for men with black hair. This is a classic baseball style that pros and amateurs love to wear. For this faded mohawk, buzz the sides short and keep the hair thick in the middle section. No worries, if you do not have naturally black hair, you could always dye it dark.

3. Long Messy Mullet Baseball Haircuts

Here is another typical baseball-style haircut for men. We are calling this look a long messy mullet, and it would work best for men that already have long hair and are looking for a new style. Keep the sides short and the back long enough that it will show your natural texture even under your baseball cap.

4. Long Hair with Tapered Sides

Long hair and tapered sides always look so good on the field. In the photo above, he has parted his long hair down the center and grown it to about shoulder length. After that, they added curtain bangs to take the style to the next level.

5. Thick Curly Mullet with Mid Fade

It can be hard to find the right style for curly hair but look no further. We have found you the best look. In the photo above, he is wearing his curly hair in a thick mullet with a mid fade. This is a very trendy baseball style, but you may need to get a helmet one size bigger if you have big curls like him.

6. Mullet with Skin Fade

This haircut for men screams baseball player and professional athlete. This style is called a mullet with a skin fade, and it looks so good. Keep the sides short with a nice skin fade around the temples and leave the back long and curly, and you have a perfect mullet with a skin fade.

7. Crew Cut with Taper Fade Baseball Haircuts

Crew cuts with taper fades are one of the most popular hairstyles for baseball players. This haircut looks so good when you have to wear a baseball cap because the sides are short, and the top is not long enough to get any serious hat hair.

8. Burst Faux Hawk Fade Baseball Haircuts

Burst fades with a comb-over are a great style to go with if you are looking for your next trendy baseball haircut. When you wear this style, it keeps the sides shaved short and the top long enough to style spiked up or combed over.

9. Comb Over Mullet with Tapered Cut

This next haircut for men is a mullet with a comb-over feature that would be amazing for men with all types of hair. He has added a tapered fade around the sides, and then it blends in naturally with the longer layer on the top.

10. Faux Hawk with Mid-Fade

Mid fades are one of the most popular ways to keep your edges looking fresh. In the photo above, he is wearing a faux hawk with the comb of a mid fade, and the two styles look so handsome together. The natural texture of his hair also creates waves while keeping a thick top.

11. Textured Comb Over with Mid-Fade Baseball Haircuts

If you are looking to add a little more texture to your hair, you could always try this comb-over look. One of the best ways to add texture is to add multiple layers; it will give your hair not only more style but more definition as well. To finish this look off strong, ask for a mid-fade. It will keep your edges looking so good.

12. Mexican Mullet with Taper Fade

Have you heard of the new hairstyle for men called the Mexican mullet? If not, we have found the perfect example in the photo above. This style will keep enough hair in the back so that you can see it when you are wearing your baseball cap but keeps the sides short with a taper fade, so you do not look messy.

13. Textured Top Faux Hawk with Skin Fade

Here is another trendy baseball hairstyle for you to see; this one is called the textured top with a faux hawk design. They took it one step further and added a skin fade to the mix, and the results are so fresh.

14. Blonde Mullet with Bald Fade Baseball Haircuts

This style is for all the players out there with blonde hair. Here we have a blonde mullet with a bald fade around the edges. This is a fun hairstyle because it can be worn down as they have in the photo above, or some days you could spike it up for a brand new hairstyle.

15. Textured Spiky Hair with Mid-Fade

Textured spiky top is a look that has been around forever, and it is not going anywhere, anytime soon. They paired this spiky look with a mid fade around the back and the sides. You should always ask for a fade because it not only keeps the sides and back trimmed, but it does it more naturally.

16. Black Textured Mullet with Taper Fade Baseball Haircuts

If you want to go black with your hairstyle, or if you already have naturally black hair, this should be your inspiration for your next hairstyle. Above is an example of a black textured mullet with a taper fade. Mullets have come back into style, and they are defiantly a trendy baseball haircut.

17. Pompadour with Low Fade

Here is another example of an old-time hairstyle that has come back around and is cool again. In the photo above, he is wearing a modern pompadour hairstyle with a low fade around the sides and back.

18. Blown Back Mullet with Shaved Side Baseball Haircuts

Mullets have their unique style that some refer to as business in the front and a party in the back. But this blown-back mullet style has more of a business in the front and the back type of vibe. They have finished up the hairstyle with shaved sides, and it enhances the overall look so much. The long top and short sides look will fit many different hair types.

19. Crop Cut with Razor Fade

Next up is this crop-cut haircut with a razor fade. This is a haircut for men that keeps the hair short and even all around the head. You should try this hairstyle out if you are looking for a low-maintenance, trendy baseball cut.

20. Mullet with Textured Top and Messy Back

Next up is a style that has a little bit of a messy vibe. It is called a mullet with a textured top and a messy back. All mullets essentially have a messy back, but in the photo above, it looks like he has naturally curly hair, which makes it look messier.

21. Wavy Pompadour with Skin Fade

This handsome baseball style is called a wavy pompadour hairstyle with a skin fade along the back and sides. A wavy pompadour is almost like the classic style except for the one big poof in the front. It has more of an overall wavy style.

22. Short Man Bun Undercut with Shaved Design

This is a hairstyle that looks like a baseball. If you are a player or a very excited parent, this would be an awesome style to wear to the game. Ask your hairdresser to leave you enough hair to pull it up in a man bun, then in your undercut, ask them to put the laces from the Baseball into your head.

23. Classic Pompadour Cut as a Baseball Haircuts

Next up is a classic pompadour style. This handsome haircut has been worn by men for almost 100 years, and it keeps the hair long on the top, and the sides usually have some sort of fade. Try making this look your own by picking your type of fade. If you like to grow your hair longer, you would also style it as a quiff.

24. Long Flossy Mullet

If you have thin hair, this long flossy mullet would be great for your next haircut. Make sure to ask for the sides shaved like in the photo above, and keep the back long and the front short, and you are all set.

25. Bleached Mohawk with Side Design

Here is the baseball haircut we were talking about where you could get your number on the side of the head. He took his bleached mohawk one step further and added a big number 3 to the side of his head for a cool and festive hairstyle. You can also add platinum colour for an even more modern look.

26. Messy Curls Mullet

For an old-school hairstyle with a modern twist, try this messy curly mullet. This hairstyle for men would work best if you have naturally curly hair. When your hair is damp, try adding in some mousse and scrunching your hair up until you have the perfect curls. They have also added a few cut-in designs into the fade, it adds a little extra to the hairstyle.

27. Hard Part Modern Mullet Baseball Haircuts

Up next is another modern mullet for you to try out. They have added a heart part and a nice temple fade to the style but left enough length on the top layer so they can spike it up on the game day. This young boy’s haircut will certainly catch the attention of his classmates.

28. Messy Curly Top with Skin Fade

This messy curl top with a skin fade would make a perfect baseball haircut. It keeps the side short, so it would look nice under your cap, but the top is long enough so that you can style it whichever way you wish.

29. Pomade Spikes with Low Fade and Side Design

Next up is another style that shows off what number you are, or maybe what number your favorite baseball player is. This will be a fun style with short sides and spiky top if you are heading out to an MLB game or even if you are playing for your local team. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has also sported a similar signature haircut in the past!

30. Caesar Cut with Skin Fade

Caesar cuts are one the most popular hairstyles for men in 2022. If you didn’t already figure it out, this hairstyle gets its name because Ceasar used to wear his hair like this back in the day. To modernize this style, they have added in a skin fade, and it looks so good.

31. Barber’s Buzz Cut

Barber cuts vary from place to place. In this barber’s buzz cut, they have given him a skin fade around the back and sides, leaving a single layer of hair on top. This would be a low-maintenance hairstyle that would look great on men of any age and with various hair types.

32. Slicked Back Mohawk Baseball Haircuts

A slicked-back curly mohawk is a perfect way to bring this popular ’90s hairstyle for men into the 21st century. In the photo above, they have also added a short undercut with a design shaved into the side. To make this hairstyle your own, come up with your design to add to the undercut.

33. Classic Flow Baseball Haircut

Sometimes you just need a classic mullet for your next hairstyle. Here he is wearing his hair short with a fringe in the front, and the back is long and flowing free. If you give this hairstyle a shot, you are going to love the way you look.

34. Crew Cut with Low Fade

Here is a handsome example of a crew cut with a low fade. This haircut for men keeps the sides even and shaved down and the top long enough to brush down. Try adding in your favorite hair product so that your style stays fresh all day long.

35. Mexican Mullet Baseball Haircuts

Mexican mullets are all the rage, not only in Mexico but all over the world. In the photo above, this young man is wearing his hair in a Mexican mullet, and he also has his baseball uniform on and is ready to go.

36. Curly Faux Hawk with Burst Fade Baseball Haircut

Burst fades and curly faux hawks were made for each other. In this look, he has a long curly layer on the top that he can spike up or brush down, and they have added a nice burst fade around the sides that blends in perfectly with the top layer of hair.

37. Black Textured Mohawk Fade

Did you know that there are so many different ways to wear your mohawk? In the photo above, he has styled his hair in a textured mohawk twist with faded sides. You could always wear your hair down like in the image above or add some hair gel and spike it up.

38. Freestyle Mullet with Shaved Side

Trendy baseball haircuts for men come in all shapes and designs, and up next is this freestyle mullet with a shaved side. He has a shaved side right above the ears and took it one step further and added a few straight-line designs.

39. Wavy Faux Hawk with Skin Fade

Faux hawks are so popular among all different types of men. In the photo above, he is wearing his hair with a wavy faux hawk look on top, and they have added a short skin fade along the sides. They did not bring the fade to the back, making the hairstyle look more like a mohawk.

40. Side Trimmed Barber’s Baseball Haircut

Here are another barbers cuts for you to see how they can differ. He has also added trimmed sides around the natural hairline to keep the edges looking fresh. You should try this hairstyle for men out if you are undecided on what your following style should be.

41. Textured Blonde Mullet Baseball Haircuts

Textured blonde mullets will always be in style. The best way to add some texture to your next haircut is to ask for subtle layers throughout your haircut. That is what they did in the photo above, and it looks so good.

42. Slicked Back Mexican Mullet Baseball Haircut

Up next on our trendy baseball haircut list is another style of a Mexican mullet. Here he has a little extra style than most mullets because his fade also includes a disconnected line right below the main section of hair. Try brushing the hair in the front of the head back as they have done in the photo above for the best results.

43. Classic Barber’s Undercut

Up next is this classic barber’s cut with an undercut added. They kept his undercut trimmed around the natural hairline and left the hair top long enough to style any way you wished. This would be an awesome hairstyle for men to try out because it is so versatile you can wear it to the baseball field or the big meeting; either way, you are going to love the way you look.

44. Hard Part Comb Over Fade

Hard parts are right on trend in 2022. In the photo above, he is wearing a hard part with a comb-over and a short fade around the edges. Add some hair gel to your hand and run it through the front section until you get the perfect spiky results; you will love how you look.

45. Textured Caesar Baseball Haircuts

This unique haircut is what we would call a textured Caesar cut. What makes this so unique is that it has all the characteristics of a Ceasar style, but the fringe in the front has a couple of pieces of hair that hang down front.

46. Curly Top Fade Baseball Haircuts

A curly top with a fade is such a good baseball haircut. This style will keep the sides short with a nice faded sides and the top layer long enough for your curls to come to life. You could always wear your facial hair short with a goatee like in the photo above, but this type of curly hairstyle would always look great with a full beard.

47. Short Faux Hawk with Skin Fade

This dope hairstyle is called a short faux hawk look with a skin fade around the edges. In this example of a faux hawk, they have the hair brushed down instead of the traditional spiked-up look, and it goes to show that you can make any hairstyle your own.

48. Classic Buzz Baseball Haircut

This list would not be complete if we did not add a classic buzz cut because everyone knows that baseball players love to keep it short and simple. He has a nice skin fade around the sides, and the back and the rest of the hair are buzzed short. This is one of the most popular ways to wear your hair as a baseball player.

49. Crop Baseball Haircuts with Low Fade

Here is another crop cut, but this one has a low fade added in. If you look closely, they left the front section of the hair a little bit longer than the rest so he can spike it up when he is in the mood.

50. Crew Baseball Haircuts with Skin Fade

Last but certainly not least is this crew cut with a skin fade. This would be a short and simple hairstyle to maintain. If you can try growing your beard as they have in the photo above, it adds a little extra spice to the overall look.


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