Man bun braids hairstyles are right on trend for 2022. Men of all ages are wearing their hair in braids and pulled up into a bun because it is a stylish and easy way to keep your hair looking fresh. It does not matter how long your natural hair is, because we have styles or all different lengths of hair on this list. So you are sure to find the best type of braided man bun style that checks off all the boxes on your list.

Also if you wanted to add some length to your hair throwing a bit of weave into your braids is one of the best ways to get a little extra length. We have triangle braids, spiral braids, cornrows, stitch braids and so many more for you to choose from. Let’s go ahead and review the 50 cool braid man bun hairstyles in 2022.

1. Man Bun Hairstyles with Triangle Braids

This first style is called a man bun with triangle braids throughout. This style has about 10 different braids that are divided into triangle braids with the loose hair in the back pulled into a small bun right above the nape.

2. Man Bun Hairstyles with Spiral Braids

These circular shape braids are called spiral braids and they are a super cool way to get your hair braided. To get this look start by parting your hair in the center of your head and braid the hair around the edges of your hair. Once you have formed the shape pull the loose pieces of hair into a small man bun in the back.

3. Man Bun Hairstyles with Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are one of the most popular hairstyles for men. In this cornrow look, they have a super small braided bun hairstyle right in the center of the head. These cornrows are simple and it is a classic way to wear your hair.

4. Man Bun Hairstyles with Triangle Stitch Braids

Wow, this is a dope braid hairstyle that any man would proudly wear. This type of style is called triangle stitched braids, and it has a spider web shape. They have also added a short fade around the loose edges and pulled the remained hair back into a man bun.

5. Full Man Bun Braids Hairstyles with Beard

If you have thick hair and are looking for a new hairstyle to try out, this should be your next look. It is called a full man bun with thick french braids and a long beard. Unlike the first few styles on this list, the hairstyle above has a big man bun and it looks great.

6. Top Knot Braids with Sharp Fade

Here is a great combo of a few different hairstyles for men, he is wearing a top knot bun with 4 thick braids on top and they finished this look off with a nice sharp fade on the sides.

7. Top Knot with Stitch Braids

Stitch braids can be worn in many different ways, for this particular style they have gone with two big braids in a circle around mini braids in the middle. But it made it on this cool man bun with braids list because the remaining hair is pulled into a small nice even bun in the back.

8. Top Knot Hairstyles for Men with Knot-less Braids

Top knots are a fancy way of saying man bun. And, this style of a braided man bun is so classy. He is wearing his hair with a top knot bun and has about 8 braids right on top of his hair. It looks like he went with a natural fade around the sides, you could always go with a shorter fade if that is more your style.

9. Stitch Braids Man Bun Hairstyles with Clipped Sides

Stitch braids are a great style to pull back into a man bun look. He also has clipped sides or a short fade on the sides. They also added a few accessories into the outside braids and it adds a little bit of texture to his hair.

10. Short Man Bun Hairstyles with Small Dutch Braids

Short man buns are still man buns! Here is a look with small dutch braids for men that have a dope figure 8 pattern down the head. This would be a wonderful short hairstyle for men of all ages to try out.

11. Top Knot Bun with Purple Shade Braids

If you are looking to add some color to your hair, these purple-shaded braids would be the perfect look for you to try out. Here we have criss-cross braids that are pulled into a top knot bun for men in the back.

12. Short Hairstyles for Men with Fine Stitch Braids

Fine stitch braids take a little bit more time to do, but the results are so worth it. These delicate braids are pulled back into a small bun right in the center of the hair, and they also have added a short fade around the edges for a fresh finish.

13. Short Bun Braids Hairstyles with Red Fades

Braided man buns come in all shapes and sizes and this is an example of a small bun. He has a red hue added to his dope braids. But, you could add red like he did or any color you choose would look great with this hairstyle.

14. Freestyle Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are a popular choice with men of all types of hair. These thick braids have a couple of smaller braids added in the middle and around the scalp that are all pulled back into a small bun in the back.

15. Long Hairstyles for Men with Thick Dutch Braids

Thick Dutch braids would work great in your long hairstyle if your hair is on the thicker side. In the photo above they also added a zig-zag braid down the center of his head with two smaller braids on the side. In the back, they tied all the braids together in a thick man bun that could also be worn loose down his back.

16. Short Hairstyles for Men with Dread Braids

Dreads braids look so dope when they are done right, and in the photo above you can tell they took their time to create a fresh hairstyle. The ends of the braids are tied together in a small bun in the back and it looks perfect.

17. Hairstyles for Men with Styled Cornrow Braids

This style of cornrow looks so cool and is pulled back into a loose bun. They left the edges natural here and it is a unique style that you should try out on your next trip to see your hairdresser.

18. Double Bun Hairstyles for Men with Long Braids

If one bun isn’t enough for you, try out this long hairstyle for black men with double buns. Above he is wearing six thick braids that run evenly down the scalp that are twisted into braided man buns.

19. Full Bun with Long Cornrow Braids

Here is a full-braided man bun look for you to try out. Most of his are styled into long cornrow braids parted evenly down the scalp. They left the edges natural and added in a clean fade to keep him looking fresh.

20. Short Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Cornrow Braids

Wavy hair in cornrows looks so good on men of all ages. This is not an easy pattern to recreate so make sure to ask your braider if they can pull this look off before you book your session.

21. Short Bun with Stitch Cornrow Braids

Here is a braided hairstyle called stitched cornrows. He has his hair divided into four sections on top that are braided and pulled back into a short man bun.

22. Short Hairstyles for Men with Zigzag Cornrow Braids

Zig-zag cornrows are a fun hairstyle that would last you multiple weeks after getting it done. Like almost all of the looks on this list, he has twisted the remaining amount of hair back into a small bun.

23. Cornrow Dutch Braids

This hairstyle has not one but two types of braids. He wears small cornrows that are braided horizontally across his head that lead into two thick vertical dutch braids. If you do not want your braids to hang down try tying them into a big bun right in the center of your nape.

24. Feed In Dutch Braids

These feed-in braids look so good because the hairdresser knew what they were doing. Try saving this photo for later if you wanted to recreate this look. If you look closely at the man bun they have also used thick dutch braids to create the bun and it is a perfect decision.

25. Short Ponytail Braids

Ponytail braids always look dope when you add a man bun into the mix. There are quite a few different braids here, with two curved braids in the front that look like hearts.

26. Full Man Bun with Long Deadlock Braids

Here is a full man bun that you can only get by pulling your long dreads up on top of your head. Dreads take a long time to grow out and get heavy when you wear them down your back. Wear this style in the summer to keep the hair up and off your neck.

27. Four Cornrow Braids

This young man is wearing his man bun with 4 cornrow braids down his scalp. It looks like they have added a red hue to his braids to add a little bit of definition and it looks so dope.

28. Full Man Bun with Cornrow Braid Sides

Here is a style that only has a very few braids on the side but they are twisted back into a little bun in the back. Try this lookout if you like to exercise it will keep the hair out of your face.

29. Cornrow Locs Braids

Cornrow loc braids are a stylish way to keep your hair looking its best. In the photo above they also added a few accessories to enhance the style even more.

30. Triangle Dutch Braids

Triangle dutch braids are so appealing to the eye. They kept it simple here with just 4 braids stretched across that all form to meet in a small braided man bun.

31. Short Man Bun with One-Sided Dutch Braids

Wow, this hairstyle would be so handsome on you if you gave it a try. The different thickness of the braids adds so much texture to the hairstyle. Add in a fresh fade on the sides and tie up the remaining pieces into a short man bun in the back, you will love the way looks.

32. Box Braids

Box braids are another popular type of hairstyle for men. Here they have a funky part with three thick braids down the sides of his head. After the braids are finished add a fade to the edges of your hair and braid the remaining sections of hair into a braided bun in the back.

33. Hanging Front Braids

This next style has four hanging strands of braids in the front that sort of act as bangs. The remaining four strands of braids are then pulled back into a high ponytail, if this isn’t your style try imagining this same hairstyle but with the braids pulled back into a bun.

34. Top Knot Bun with Styled Cornrow Braids

Try out these styled cornrows on your next trip to see the hairdresser. They have a unique design that uses the middle section of your hair. This could be a perfect fit for the men out there that have been growing their hair out but do not know which style to choose next.

35. Long Cornrow Braids

Our next type of man bun goes along with these long cornrow braids. To try this hairstyle for men out, divide the top section of hair into 4 thick pieces and braid them down to the ends of the hair. After that, take the loose pieces and twist them up until you have a small man bun.

36. Long Triangle Braids

You cannot go wrong when asking for triangle braids in your hair. In this particular photo, they have long braids that overlap each other and meet in the back in a big man bun.

37. Spiral Cornrow Braids

Next up is a style with spiral cornrows with a temple fade on the side. He has also grown out his beard and pulled the remaining hair into a small bun for a little extra style.

38. Kinky Box Braids

Kinky box braids are a style that uses smaller braids, and here they have decided to leave the ends natural. You can these braids pulled back in like the photo above, or try wearing them loose for a completely different vibe.

39. Spiral Dutch Braids

You are sure to love these spiral dutch braids if you gave them a shot. There are only 4 braids in this look but they are done so perfectly that is all you need. Add a fade to the sides to keep the hair looking tidy, throw a couple of beads to the outside layer of braids, twist the remaining hair into a bun and you are all set.

40. Blonde Cornrow Braids

Adding a blonde hue to your cornrows is a guaranteed way to make them stand out against your natural hair. After adding color to the sections that you plan on braiding divide the hair into four sections and braid them into cornrows. Next, add a tight fade on the sides and pull the loose sections of the braids into a small man bun.

41. Long French Braids

French braids are not just for women, men have been wearing them for just as long. In the photo above he wearing his long french braids in a spiral pattern. Try this braided man bun lookout if you have long natural hair, or if you wanted to add in some weave. Either way, if you go with this look you are going to love the way it turns out.

42. Box Cornrow Braids

For a fun and unique hairstyle for men take a look at our next cornrow box braid style. Here they have small feed-in braids, two twisted ones on the top, and thick singular ones that wrap around the sides. Where all the braids meet in the back they have twisted the individual braids into a big man bun in the back.

43. Full Man Bun with Tight Cornrow Braids

Next is a look that has a loose bun right in the center of his head. The style they went with on top is right cornrows, and for the side, they kept it short with a simple buzz around the sides.

44. Cornrow and Hanging Bead Braids

Here is a dope style because they have used different types of parts, braids, and lengths of hair. Save this photo to show your hairdresser if you want a style that will stand out in the crowd.

45. Thick Spiral Dutch Braids

Thick spiral dutch braids are a great choice for men that have long thick hair. They have only used the top section of hair for the braids and folded them over in the back and the result is a man bun with serious style.

46. Four Feed-In Braids

Sometimes all you need is 4 feed-in braids to create a fresh new style. In the photo above they have parted the top section of hair into 4 sections and braided them back to meet up in a small bun in the center of his head.

47. Dutch Braids and Curly Tip

Leave your hair natural after adding in these cool dutch braids for a different type of bun. In the photo above they also added blonde to the curly tip to make it stand out against the dark natural hair in the braids.

48. Top Knot Bun with Box Braids and Skin Fade Sides

Another great way to make your top knot hairstyle stand out is to pick out a fresh design to add to your skin fade. They went with two stars here and the results look so cool.

49. Yellow Cornrow Braids

If you wanted to change your style completely one way to do that is by adding a yellow color all over before you do your cornrows. That is what they have done here and it would be a great style for summer.

50. Twisted Triangle Braids

The last look on our list is these twisted triangle braids. To get this fresh look you will need to part your hair down the middle and add feed-in braids down. You must do this because they meet in down by the nape to form a small man bun.


After reviewing this list of the best-braided man buns were you able to find one that you liked? The next step would be to call someone you trust to twist your hair into one of these dope styles. Be prepared to sit in the stylist’s chair for a while, because these looks don’t come easy, but they are worth the time. Let us know which one you are going to use, we love hearing from you!

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