The man bun has had many opinions dropped about whether or not it’s a masculine or classy enough style to be worn all the time and on such a big scale. We don’t care because we’ve got 50 Modern Man Bun Hairstyles for you coming right up. So, are you man enough to face the bun?

1. The Natural Blonde Man Bun Hairstyles

We’re starting you easy with a natural blonde man bun which is perfect as a summer hairstyle. The bonus feature of this hairstyle is that it works with intricate patterned shirts and a great pair of sunglasses.

blonde man bun hairstyle

2. The Casual Man Bun Hairstyles

For some of these man buns, you don’t even have to work that hard. If you have an asymmetrical or layered haircut, then tie your hair back and let the loose strands come out and play. They will frame your face nicely.

casual low man bun hairstyle

3. The Medium Length Man Bun Hairstyles

Even though man buns can be created using almost any length of hair, they look their best if you happen to have medium length hair. In this way, the bun itself won’t be too small or too big and you won’t have too much trouble handling it either.

medium length man bun hairstyle

4. The Undercut Man Bun Hairstyles

Don’t you just love it when two trends meet and perfectly mix? This is exactly what happened in this case. It’s a very casual and messy man bun complete with an undercut, which makes it look even cooler.

man bun undercut man bun hairstyle

5. The Curly Man Bun Hairstyles

No matter how beautiful it looks, curly hair is as much a pain as it is a pleasure to have. All curly haired men know that it can sometimes be difficult to style. Therefore, a man bun might help you out of that tight spot.

curly hair man bun hairstyle

6. The Half Up Half Down

Another casual approach to the man bun hairstyle is the half up half down. It works great if you have shoulder length hair, which is also very thick. In this way, you can keep it out of your face but still flaunt it.

half up half down man bun hairstyle

7. The Under Shave

We saw the undercut, now it’s time we took a look at the under shave as well. This is a variation where, instead of cutting it all off, you opt for shaving. You can also choose to unite the shave line with your beard and make a continuum.

undershave man bun hairstyle

8. The Trimmed Beard

What works best with a man bun hairstyle? A beard, of course. If there is anything that the hipster subculture has taught us, it’s this. Man buns, beards, and faux glasses are the universal trifecta that make you look cool beyond human measure.

trimmed beard and man bun hairstyle

9. The Other Trifecta

Speaking of holy hipster trifectas that will attract everybody’s attention and surely make you an Instagram legend, what about a man bun hairstyle, an undercut, and a bushy but well-trimmed beard? You will need some beard oil.

Man Bun hairstyle Undercut with Beard

10. The Messy Man Bun Hairstyles

The I woke up like this look is not limited to the ladies and it’s important that you remember that. You can also pull it off if you go for the man bun. Tie your hair up, grab a cup of coffee and pose for the camera like you didn’t know it was there.

messy man bun hairstyle

11. The Artistic Man Bun Hairstyle

This one translates into a messy yet chic man bun, with bohemian accents that will make you look like a painter, writer or musician in search of its muse. Quite a compelling look, right? We think so. And we love it.

artistic man bun hairstyle

12. The Summery Man Bun Hairstyles

Apart from looking extremely good, the man bun is also very practical. You will find that out the first time you wear it to the beach. The heat and moisture in the air, as well as the saltiness that causes the hair to go all frizzy and crunchy will be forgotten thanks to the man bun.

summery man bun hairstyle

13. The Curly Casual

Not only is this a curly and casual man bun hairstyle, but it also has a touch of ombre to it. It starts with a dark chestnut brown and melts into a warmer cinnamon blonde around the face and the shoulders.

curly casual man bun hairstyle

14. The Burnt Caramel

We just love creative hair colors in men and this is definitely one of them. It’s a shade of burnt caramel bronde. It was borrowed from the ladies initially but gentlemen have made it their own like it’s nobody’s business.

burnt caramel man bun hairstyle

15. The Platinum Man Bun Hairstyles

Yet another color with which we could not help but fall in love is platinum blonde. Although it is a bit difficult to pull off as well as maintain, the results are totally worth the effort. This example has a bit of gun metal gray tinged through it.

platinum man bun hairstyle

16. The Braids in a Man Bun Hairstyle

The great thing about man buns is that anything can go in one. Straight hair, curly hair, dreads, and yes, braids. In this case, box braids. Just look how amazing they are, especially surrounded by the perfect undercut.

braids in a man bun hairstyle

17. The Colin Farrell

Actor Colin Farrell is here to start our long list of celebrities who have donned at least once the man bun hairstyle. He wears his as a small samurai bun with a top comb over and a large under shave. We love it!

colin farrell man bun hairstyle

18. The Hipster Samurai Bun

Speaking of samurai buns, here’s another example, coming from the hipster realm, this time, complete with a bushy beard, a vintage dandy mustache, very well-trimmed eyebrows, and a nose ring.

hipster samurai man bun hairstyle

19. The Slick Man Bun Hairstyle

This is a great office hours version of our beloved man bun. During your work day and especially at the office, when you need to tone it down a little and comply with the dress and styling code, you can simply tie your hair back and slick it over.

slick polished man bun hairstyle

20. The Elegant Man Bun Hairstyle

With this look, it’s not so much about the man bun itself, as it is about the way you style it. That means the clothes and accessories you wear which can make or break your look. For an elegant vibe, try a woolen overcoat and a simple golden chain.

elegant man bun hairstyle

21. The Teased Man Bun Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a savage style, then you can always tease your hair a little bit after you have tied it up in the man bun. Use a soft brush and simply run it through the hair or against it, teasing it as you go.

teased man bun hairstyle

22. The French Braid

Man braids are considered to be next big thing. We’ve had the man buns and the top knots and now we have man braids. They are just normal braids imported from women’s fashion and styling which you can pair up with your man bun.

french braid man bun hairstyle

23. The Bed Head

Looking casual and careless has never been so sexy since we invented the man bun hairstyle. Now you can simply get out of bed, take a quick shower, tie your hair back and leave the house. That’s all the styling you need for the day.

bed head man bun hairstyle

24. The Zayn Malik

We’re guessing you already know just how famous Zayn Malik’s hair really is. Everyone remembers the incident with the hair strand that sent the entire Twittersphere into a frenzy. Well, his man bun is just as famous as he is.

zayn malik man bun hairstyle

25. The Aidan Turner

Actor Aidan Turner and his smoldering good looks became famous when he starred in the Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy ‘The Hobbit.’ In real life, he has dark curly hair which he loves to keep tied up in a man bun hairstyle.

aidan turner man bun hairstyle

26. Beard Pride

All awesome man buns need a worthy companion. You can give it to them in the shape of a beard that will just leave everyone gasping. Invest in some high-quality bear hair care products and you will not regret it.

beard pride man bun hairstyle

27. The Long Samurai

We’ve already seen the short samurai bun, now it’s time to take a look at the long version. This is what a long samurai bun actually looks like, complete with a bushy beard. If you’re a fan and want to try it out, you should know that it’s all in the hair accessory.

long samurai man bun hairstyle

28. The Wavy Man Bun

If you have wavy hair and it’s also medium length, then chances are your man bun hairstyle will look something like a piece of art. All you need to do is tie a small bun at the back of your head and let the rest flow freely on your shoulders.

wavy man bun hairstyle

29. The Double Man Bun Hairstyle

How would you feel about doubling on your man bun game? Now you can. And not only that but you can raise the stakes by adding the very latest trend in the man hair world – the man braids. Who’s the coolest guy in town?

double man bun hairstyle

30. The Jason Momoa

Speaking of cool guys, here’s Jason Momoa. He’s a screen legend himself, having played both Khal Drogo in the now larger than life ‘Game of Thrones’ and Aquaman and yes, he wears his long hair in man bun. Listen to our Khal!

jason momoa man bun hairstyle

31. The Jake Gyllenhaal

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has a very bohemian look with his low man bun and his hipster accessories. Not to mention that amazingly thick and so well manscaped beard of his. If you’re planning on going for the bun, this is the way to do it.

Jake Gyllenhaal man bun hairstyle

32. For the Big Day

Even though weddings used to be formal occasions, things have started to change in the past years. Now it’s all about the happy couple having fun with their friends, as it should be. This change will allow you to wear the man bun of your dreams on the big day.

man bun hairstyle wedding

33. The Harry Styles

This former One Direction member surely knows what’s up. He went for the man bun hairstyle himself a while ago and better he could not look. The style makes him look more mature, as well as more elegant and put together.

harry styles man bun hairstyle

34. The Dread Bun

As opposed to the bun of dread, a man bun hairstyle made of dreads is definitely something we would love to try. It’s similar to the one made of box braids we talked about above, only this time you use it to protect your precious dreads.

man bun hairstyle dreads

35. Man Buns for Little Boys

There’s something almost poetic in creating a man bun for a little boy. It’s taking a grown up’s hairstyle and putting it on a little guy. But, the most important thing is watching the little dude’s face light up when he sees himself in the mirror.

little boy man bun hairstyle

36. The Low French Braid

This is as modern a look as they come. Therefore, if you’re the kind who needs to jump on the trends and take lots of Insta pictures, we suggest you cut your hair just like this. It’s a V undercut with a slick back, a man bun and, of course, a man braid.

under french braid man bun hairstyle

37. The Business Bun

Yes, this man bun hairstyle means business. In other words, it’s a very demure and low-profile man bun, which sits low at the back of your head, like a small chignon. It’s perfect for office hours or for when you have an important meeting.

business low man bun hairstyle

38. The Viking Man Bun Hairstyle

It is a historically known fact that when they pillaged and plundered, the Vikings needed to keep the hair out their eyes. Therefore, they preferred to stylishly tie it back. Hence, the Viking man bun came to be. We kid, of course.

viking man bun hairstyle

39. The Chris Hemsworth

With a face and hair like that, it’s difficult to go wrong, no matter what hairstyle you choose. Yes, we do believe that Thor himself would look good even with a mullet or a bowl haircut. But, to everyone’s delight, he chose a man bun.

chris hemsworth man bun hairstyle

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40. The Kit Harrington

The hidden Targaryen, the King in the North, the other Stark, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. And still, Jon Snow knows nothing. Oh, but he does know one thing. That he looks smashing in a man bun hairstyle.

kit harrington man bun hairstyle

41. The Jared Leto

The world knows and accepts by now that Jared Leto is one man that time simply forgot. He looks today just like he did when he was twenty. With one tiny exception. He now has a man bun hairstyle which makes him look even more beautiful.

jared leto man bun hairstyle

42. The Orlando Bloom

Ay, ay, it’s pirate’s life for me! Known for two of the biggest film franchises Hollywood ever gifted upon the world, actor Orlando Bloom took a bit of his Pirates of the Caribbean look home. He loves his little man bun hairstyle.

orlando bloom man bun hairstyle

43. The Sebastian Stan

He might be known as Captain America’s wing man and most loyal and devoted companion and friend but there is a fierce battle going on between them. In our hearts. Yes. Who looks better? Chris Evans or Sebastian Stan with that magnificent man bun hairstyle?

sebastian stan man bun hairstyle

44. The Justin Bieber

When Bieber does it, he does it big. Therefore, not only did he jump on the man bun hairstyle trend as well, but he decided to add some of his own flair to it as well. Therefore, he died his hair platinum as well. Your move, Hollywood!

justin bieber man bun hairstyle

45. Urban Style

Turning your man bun hairstyle from casual and hipster to downright and downtown urban is all in the accessories and clothes that you wear. If you don’t feel it yet, find some inspiration online or turn to a stylist for help.

urban style man bun hairstyle

46. The Heath Ledger

One of the first Hollywood A-listers ever to don a man bun hairstyle was none other than Heath Ledger himself. He had wavy hair which he loved to tie back in a small half up half down type of situation.

heath ledger man bun hairstyle

47. The Henry Cavil

Even though the dashing British actor Henry Cavil doesn’t actually wear a man bun hairstyle in real life, he has sported one many times both on the big and small screens. One cannot deny that he looks both handsome and rugged. What an inspiration!

henry cavill man bun hairstyle

48. The Leonardo DiCaprio

If King Leo does it, then you just know it’s alright for you to do it as well. Nowadays, Leonardo DiCaprio has ditched the polished boy look and goes for rugged handsomeness with a slicked back hairdo and a bushy beard.

leonardo dicaprio man bun hairstyle

49. The David Beckham

Football legend and fashion icon David Beckham was another pioneer of the man bun hairstyle. That means that he used to wear it many years ago, back in the days when he played as a Galactico for football club Real Madrid, in Spain.

david beckham man bun hairstyle

50. The Clive Standen

You may recognize actor Clive Standen from a little show called ‘Vikings’ where he played the conqueror Rollo, who managed to become the first foreign kind in the north of France, colonizing what we now know as Normandy or the land of the Norsemen, aka the Vikings. In real life, this conqueror loves his man bun.

clive standen man bun hairstyle


So, what do you think about the bun after seeing these 50 inspirational man bun hairstyle choices? On which side of the war do you find yourself? Let us know in the comment section below so that we can settle this matter once and for all.

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