There are many things you can enjoy by owning your deck. Unfortunately, the use of a deck is often overlooked because it is considered too much of a budget. Do you want to plan a complete remodel with new flooring materials, add a pool, or want to give the outdoors a vacation vibe? Today we have collected some of the most popular deck designs that have been widely used by designers.

Many people don’t realize the advantages a deck brings. This wooden floor can add to your relaxing time even more perfectly, holding outdoor parties, BBQs, or just a favorite area for the whole family to gather. However, before deciding on the type of deck for your yard or garden, consider choosing a design so that the atmosphere you want can be realized. From separate decks to attached to the house, after exploring these decks you will have creative ideas for turning your deck into the ultimate outdoor paradise.

1. Deck Installed

This is the type of deck most commonly used in contemporary homes. The location is quite clear because it is attached to the house. Of course, this benefits homeowners because decks are easily accessible, increase square footage, and add to the outdoor aesthetic.


In addition, the attached deck on the terrace will give you more comfort because it is slightly above the ground.


2. Multi-level Deck

This type of deck is very good for large outdoor spaces. If the site in your yard or garden is sloping, this also provides more benefits because you can build unique stairs. Multi-level decks are great because you can use each section for different purposes. For example, installing a hot tub, grill or outdoor dining space.


A multi-level deck is a solution for those of you who have a house that is higher than the outside, allowing you to enjoy the view from all aspects so it is very good for an open space concept.


3. Separate Deck

As the name suggests, the separate deck is located slightly away from the house. This deck is often called an island deck, which is located in the middle of the yard or garden. To make it easy to access, a path is usually made from the house to the main deck.


If your outdoor space is large and you want a calmer atmosphere, maybe you will like a separate deck design. Decorating a deck with some plants, a fountain and comfortable chairs can turn a detached deck into an outdoor paradise.


4. Roof Deck

A roof deck is the best choice for those of you who live in an apartment or urban area. This deck offers privacy, and gives you extra space to relax in the middle of the city center. This type of deck can also be applied for those of you who live in a level house.


Similar to outdoor decks in general, roof decks offer various benefits such as relaxing areas, living areas, or even outdoor dining parties.


5. Pool Deck

There is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing and sunbathing by the pool. This deck can also make the swimming pool feel more integrated with the surrounding environment due to the use of wooden materials. Many people find this type of deck preferable because it makes the swimming pool easily accessible especially for those who have difficulty climbing stairs.


However, please note that when building a swimming pool deck, the wood material will wear down more quickly and therefore requires more maintenance to prevent splinters. Composite decking with cooling technology is recommended for this design.


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